Jul 19, 2012

Lookie, Lookie

We have a big update for this post! Click here to see our new school room (not our dining room!).

They say confession is good for the soul, bad for the reputation. Well, it's confession time: If your window blinds are open while I'm driving down your street, I'm probably going to sneak a peek. Is that terrible? (I know I'm not alone on this!) Today, I thought I'd offer you a quick peek inside our dining room school room, just for fun. :)

This is our command base.

I have a memory work review schedule, prayer requests, Bible story reference, and some pretty cute pictures of my girls on the white board. Across from that, I have our Composer of the Month chart and some Song School Latin coloring sheets (free pdf).

Mary has seen me printing stuff off this summer, and she has fallen in LOVE with Ancient Egypt! Yesterday we just had to make cardboard pyramids for her Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I've got some awesome Ancient Egypt toys that I've secretly stashed away for when we hit Week 2. In between the pyramids is or review card jar. I've got sight words, numbers, miniature maps, and just anything I think Mary needs to work on. After each meal, she gets to pick a card or two and tell me what's on it. It may sound extreme, but she really enjoys it!

I've started a Bible Stories notebook after being inspired by this great site. I plan on letting the girls color a Bible story coloring page while I read the corresponding story. My hopes are to tie the story into our CC work, like reading about Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar while we study the Seven Wonders in Week 4 (the story behind the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is so sweet!).

And here are the books we've collected so far, most are about the ancient worlds, which seem to fascinate Mary. Some of these are in the local library, but our CC group is pretty active, and I don't want the pressure of trying to be the first mama at the library to get that one book on Greek mythology. Know what I mean?

Well, there you have it, and you didn't even have to drive by and hope my blinds were open. ;)

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