Jul 21, 2012

Plans: Cycle 1 - Week 1

Like other CC bloggers, I'm very excited to have a place to record my plans for each week. I'm hoping to look back to my planning posts, make a note of what worked and what didn't, and then try not to laugh too hard. ;) And here we go...

* Read Exodus 20, the Ten Commandments, and memorize them using the CC memory work song (to see my post on creating a Memory Work Flip Chart, click here). I also love this Answers in Genesis book and will use it with our daily Bible reading. To see how I plan on integrating the new CC timeline cards with Bible stories everyday for the first six weeks, see this post.

* Read some books on prepositions:

Growing a Godly Girl has a preposition book list here that's helpful, too.

* I really like the idea of tying everything I can back to the Bible. I looked up all the Scripture references of Mesopotamia and the Euphrates River (those were the only places in our geography memory work that I found in the Bible), and we plan to read and discuss them:

Mesopotamia - Genesis 24:10, Deuteronomy 23:4, Judges 3:8, 10
Euphrates River (called The Great River in the Bible) - Gen. 2:14 and 15:18, Deut. 1:7, Revelation 9:14 and 16:12

* Listen to Story of the World 1: Fertile Crescent, chapters 1-5, while the girls color their maps.

We absolutely love SOTW, and we're planning on using this CC Cycle 1 + SOTW match-up throughout the year.

* Speaking of maps, I really like this one and the ones from MapTrek. During the week, we'll work on identifying the places in our geography memory work.

* And then we plan to read more books about this region, because my girls really enjoy books (woohoo!).

(Okay, I know the above book looks totally not-girly, but my oldest girl (she's 4) LOVES the whole series, including this book! She really likes gory things, which may or may not bother me... I haven't decided.)

* We also have the Audio Memory Geography Kit, and we'll start to listen to that in the car or while the girls are coloring.

* And we'll play with our Map Friends, which has been the biggest hit of the school year by far! The girls LOVE them, and they really do turn playing into learning (which I love!). See my Map Friends post here.

(Nemo is Anna's favorite 'friend.')

* Color some Ten Commandments coloring pages while I read Exodus 20. These are the pages we'll use the for the next activity. I have them printed out in their regular size, and then I also shrank them down to fit over each finger (see below). I love the connection between ten fingers and ten commandments!

* Complete this really cool handprint activity after coloring. I also have the train craft from that site ready to go, but I'm not sure yet if we'll get to it.We'll just have to see (can you tell I'm practicing my flexibility?). ;)

* Play the Ten Commandments sequencing game from another really helpful site, Biblestoryprintables.com:

* And play this file folder game, too, also from Biblestoryprintables.com:

* I really like this lapbook for the Ten Commandments:

* We also have the Wisdom and Righteousness Cycle 1 Memory Work Lapbooks, so I'm hoping to do a little of this week by week for each subject:

* Watch this great set of DVDs as reinforcement:

* Read Genesis 1:20-30 and talk about classifying animals.

* Work on this Animal Classification lapbook (we'll use this for the next six weeks):

* Here's a neat little illustration that we might throw in:

* I'm planning for Mary to simply color the Song School Latin coloring pages while we listen to the corresponding song. We're only going to do this one day a week. Next year, we'll go back though and actually do the lessons.

Language Arts
* Mary is going through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and that's going well. 
* We'll start up Handwriting Without Tears Get Set for School.

* Mary really needs to work on number recognition, so that's what we'll be doing for a while in math in addition to the weekly CC skip counting memory work. I do have some neat number mazes from Confessions of a Homeschooler (awesome site!) ready to go for fun practice.

Those are my plans for Week 1! How much of this will actually get done.... well, we'll see. ;) If you haven't been over to Brandy's Cycle 1 Weekly Link-Up yet, check it out! You'll see what other CC mamas have planned for the first week of school. 


  1. Thanks for linking back to my blog. I love seeing what everyone is doing to expand on the CC memory work. Looking forward to browsing your blog!

  2. I LOVE your blog! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Love it. I am looking for mystery of history matchup to cycle 1. If anyone sees this and knows where to find it, email me at mnewbold4hkids gmail . com. Thanks!

  4. Oooh! I'd like that, too, Michelle, if you get a hold of it! I just got the first quarter audio of MOH, and we love it! Thanks for visiting the site!

  5. wow your post is wonderful. I have been trying to get my lessons together for cycle 1 and havent' had enough time to do so. I have been looking at so many blogs that maybe its time I just sit down and write my plans out, or maybe I will just keep coming back to yours. Thanks for all of your work.

  6. Yvana, thanks for the kind words! It really is overwhelming when you start to look for information; there's just so much out there. I've really had to just stop looking for ideas for the first quarter because I just have way too much that I want to do (and sadly, I know lots of it probably won't get done). Happy planning!

  7. This is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas! My head is spinning. This will be my first year with CC. I have 4 children but am only doing Foundations Cycle 1 w/ #3 (dd7). I am not able to join a community this year, so we will be doing it home. I am going to come back to the computer w/ a notebook. Thank you so much. Such great ideas. :)

  8. I'm so glad you stopped by, SuzySchool! It sure can be overwhelming when you start looking for ideas online. I've had to make myself stop searching; there's just too much out there, and it's all so good! I hope you have fun planning! :)

  9. Thank you SO much for sharing your plans! Our first CC day starts tomorrow and I'm feeling a bit underprepared. This helps a TON!

    1. Oooooh, Leslie! Your first day! How exciting! Ours is next Tuesday, and the anticipation is growing! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic year, friend! :)

  10. Melody I am a new homeschool mom and really enjoyed reading your ideas! I will be checking back!

  11. I tried the link you have for the Answers In Genesis book and it doesn't go directly to the book. Which book did you use?
    I love your site, thanks for all your work!

  12. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog. We're doing CC cycle 1 for the first time this year and am excited to add a lot of your ideas into our school days!! This is awesome!!

  13. Hi Melody, I am thinking about getting the Ancient Civilizations and the Bible workbook for my 9yo son - did you like the book? How long did you use it? Thanks for your help!!


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