Aug 26, 2012

Art - How We Do Painting

I have an art degree, and I love art, but I'm ashamed to say that yesterday was the FIRST time I've ever 'done art' with Mary. Terrible, I know. Having our own paints and other supplies now certainly inspired me to let Mary go at it, so that's what she did! She enjoyed mixing the colors and using different brushes and the roller. Even though we've never painted together before, I have attempted to expose the girls to famous paintings and artists in other ways, namely books.

Any of Laurence Anholt's books are wonderful! He has a whole series on famous artists; Degas and da Vinci are our favories!

Oh, the 'Katie books!' We LOVE these books by James Mayhew. They introduce so many wonderful paintings in each book, and the story is cute (Katie roams around a museum and steps into the paintings having little adventures). He's also written some great children's books about famous ballets that we enjoy as well.

The cards above are what we use for Calendar Time. They have lots of information about the painting and artist on the back of each card. We love these, too!

Music and dance have also played a big part in our lives, but that's a post for a different night. ;)

I don't want to leave my baby girl out, so here's a cute one of Anna exploring the Princess Toys bin in our school room. And speaking of school room, I got most of the things up on the wall that I had planned. Here's how it looks now:

We are so thankful to God for all of our blessings, and we're all VERY excited about starting CC this Tuesday! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! :)

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