Aug 10, 2012

F is for...

Our very first week of school is O-V-E-R! Woohoo! We made it! This week was all about the letter F. We use Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week curriculum, which we love. Our CC group doesn't start until the end of this month, so LOTW is all we've been doing 'officially.' Here are some things that Mary has been learning:

F is for . . .  furry pom pom magnets! These little things are so cool and easy to make. All you need is a package of pom poms, glue (I used super glue), and circle magnets. For more explanation and free printables, check here and here (this last link also has free Playdough mat printables! Both links take you to GREAT sites!).

F is for . . . FISH! We did a lot with fish this week, including hopping on fish numbers while counting forwards and backwards (in our Sleeping Beauty dress, of course!).

F is for . . . feathers! This was Mary's first time playing with feathers, and she had a blast! 

F is for . . . FLYING feathers!

I hope Mary had a great first week of school. The only thing she doesn't like doing is writing, but we're slowly working on that. A sweet friend (who calls herself a 'recovering perfectionist,' don't you just love that!) recommended 1+1+1=1's Animal ABCs, so I've got the free printables from that ready to go for our upcoming letters. They look so good; in fact, almost EVERYTHING I'm finding looks soooo good . . . which leads me to quickly mention what Mama has been learning this week:

F is for . . . finding a balance. See the 'mess' she's making with those feathers? Yeah, I had to try pretty hard not to flip out about that. Wait, check out this picture below:

See all those blankets and rugs and pillows on the floor in a big ol' messy pile behind my sweet baby girl? Mary took almost EVERY SINGLE covering off the beds to make (in her own words) this "bouncy Tabernacle." I know that you're going to think I'm nutty, but it was very, very hard for this 'neat and tidy' mama to just let this happen. But, with God's grace, I did. And it really was a God-thing, because even though I didn't want to let her make these 'messes' (and I understand these are not all-out messes by any means, but in our house, this is messy), I knew it was the right thing to do. I could feel the Holy Spirit telling me to let it go. This all reminds me of that verse in the Bible, Proverbs 14:4 - Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox. Not that my girls are oxen, of course, but I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

(I need this!)

F is for . . . family. I absolutely could NOT do this homeschooling-thing without the support of my hubs. God really does know what He's doing; we are absolutely perfect for each other! I truly am astounded by how much I am loved (by both of them!).

F is for . . . friends. Ohhh, how sweet good friendships are! I'm very, very blessed to be beginning friendships with other like-minded CC mamas. Last night I met up with a few of these amazing ladies for dinner, and we talked for - get this - FOUR hours! And I'm sure we could've talked longer, but we are mamas, so we all knew what would be comin' in the morning if we didn't get home soon. ;) It was all just so encouraging and uplifting!

F is for . . . forgiving myself. Hey, if Jesus can forgive me for ALL of my terrible sins, I should learn to forgive myself for bad days. Bad days will come. I will lose my temper. I will lose my patience. I may even lose my mind, but after I ask the forgiveness of my children, husband, God, and whomever else was unfortunate enough to be in the fall-out, I need to forgive myself and move on. The Holy Spirit brings conviction; the devil smothers with condemnation. 

And finally,

F is for . . . 'first-world' problems. I don't remember where I first heard that phrase, but I love it. Pretty much all of my issues/problems can be lumped into that category. I don't have this, or things would be much better if I had those really cute virtue cards with the cartoon kids (I really do want those!), or whatever else is standing in my way of being content. It's usually always something that in the big scheme of things, is pretty trivial. First-world problems. Should Mary stay in ballet or switch to gymnastics? First-world problem. One of the things I pray for quite a bit is that God will help me to have an eternal perspective. I can already tell that homeschooling will help that little prayer stay in the front of my mind, which is certainly a good thing, right? ;)

F is for . . . forgetting my sweet hubs is on the couch waiting for me! Yikes! Good night, friends!


  1. I LOVE this post. If fact, I teared up! I've had one of those days. It had nothing to do with school. School is actually going great, just other stuff. Anyway I was encouraged by your post. Excited to see/hear how God is blessing your school year!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! That's kind of how it is with us this week, too. School is fine, but it's the 'other stuff' that God is using to shape me right now. Being shaped by God is never fun for me (think of hammered gold and that whole process), but I know I can trust Him - or perhaps that's even one of the things that I'm learning, to really trust. Anyway, I'm always glad to know that I'm not alone! Have a great trip this weekend, and I'll see you soon, friend! :)


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