Aug 30, 2012

History - Memory Work Lapbook

Yesterday we had some fun coloring pictures about the Ten Commandments for our History Sentence Lapbook. By the way, this was Anna's first time to experiment with Do-A-Dot markers, and she LOVED them, of course! Who doesn't?! ;)

Mary also worked on her letter of the week using our new Dry Erase Center (thank to a Hobby Lobby coupon!). This is such a cool little way to do tracing, playdough letters, mazes, and lots of other fun things!

Going back to the lapbook, I don't remember where I saw this idea, but, like most of the things you'll see on my blog, someone else deserves the credit. Before the school year started, I purchased a big, all-inclusive lapbook for Cycle 1, but it's just really too much right now for my four-year-old girl. So, smaller lapbooks are the way we're going to go this year. And, we're starting with this homemade one:


No, it's not Mardi Gras, it's our new History Sentence Lapbook! I watched this great tutorial from Wisdom & Righteousness on how to make a tri-folder lapbook. Easy cheesy! 

Every week, I'm going to find a small picture or clip art that goes with that week's history sentence for Mary to color. Then, she'll glue it (with help, or they would all be stacked on top of each other!) into the lapbook. Quick, easy, and a fun way to review our history memory work!

Tomorrow we're going to start our Animal Classification lapbook:

This cute little lapbook has a page on the seven classifications of living things, so that's the page we'll do this week. It has lots of components and information that will take us all the way to at least Week 6, so I'm pretty excited about it. Oh, and the lapbook is free, which is really something to get excited about! ;)

What about your family? Do you have any lapbooks that little learners love? If so, leave a comment and share, share, share; don't be shy, friend! :)

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