Aug 21, 2012

School Room - Pictures

We have finally finished Phase 1 of our downstairs school room!

When you walk in the room and look to the right, we have the girls' writing/drawing/coloring supplies on the top shelf. The middle cubbies have some toys, and the bottom shelf holds lots of things for Anna (babies, tea set, little people, etc.)

At the back of the room are the bookshelves that are just for me. This shelf holds our curriculum, binders, flashcards, and the CC Cycle 1 box. I plan to put some games in that empty space, but I just haven't done that yet.

This is the other shelf that's only for me - the art supply shelf! We have lots of different kinds of paints, brushes, stamp pads, tons of glitter, and smocks. I'm not really all into crafts, but Mary is turning out to be pretty artsy, so we're going to run with it!

As we work our way around the room, this is the wall opposite the one with the shelves for the girls. We have lots of educational stuff in the shelf on the right and books in bins on the left. You can also see our contruction paper, pom poms, and some other craft supplies and craft magazines on top.

I would love to talk more about the room, but I've just spent the last four hours slaving away on it, and I'm pooped! It's almost 1 a.m.! I rarely, rarely stay up past 9:30 p.m.! But I've had some friends waiting for these pictures, so I wanted to share them really quickly. I LOVE the room now, and I'm looking forward to completing Phase 2 very soon, which is just some more things on the walls, and maybe some of these fantastic bean bag chairs for the girls (my birthday's coming up, so we'll see!). Our former school room, our dining room, now looks terribly boring and sad without all our school stuff. I'll have to figure out what to do about that someday, but certainly not tonight! ;)

Sweet dreams, friends!


  1. Found your blog via Pinterest while searching for CC resources. Love the blog! Thank you for blessing all of us by sharing your tips and info. Can i just say that I am super jealous that you have a fireplace in your school room? I can only imagine sitting in there, drinking cocoa and doing school w my children while watching the snow fall!

    1. Lorrie Lou, thanks so much for the kind words! But don't be too jealous of that fireplace, friend, because it doesn't work! Ha! I guess we could always get it fixed one day, but here in Alabama we normally don't get super-cold winters. But, oh, yes, I would sure love to sit there and sip cocoa by the fire while my girls and I do school. Oh, yes.... :)


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