Sep 19, 2012

Art - Leaf Prints & No-Mess Finger Painting!

What do you do when everyone's feeling icky and you don't want to watch  movies anymore? ART! I get Tawnee's email updates from her wonderful blog Adventures In Homeschooling. The other day she shared her Pinterest Find of the Week (thinking about starting something like this, too, because it's such a great idea!) from The Hippie Housewife, and we just had to go for it! It's no-mess finger painting, and it's a LOT of fun! I just put the paint in a gallon freezer bag and taped it down on the table over a white piece of paper. And, y'all, I just realize a BIG boo-boo I made while doing this: I kept telling the girls, "We're going to mix these colors and make green! Let's make some green! Yay!" Um... I JUST NOW realized why we never could make green. Hahaha! Good thing Mary's taking her own Art lessons from a friend. ;)

Mary liked this much more than my little Anna, who kept saying, "Open! Open!" Yikes! And look, she made purple! I don't know what I was thinkin'! 

Then we moved on to some leaf prints, because Fall is almost here! Yipee!

Then the girls just wanted to paint, so I went with the flow.

Anna had such a good time with stamps last week in her Puggles class at church, so I got out our stamp stuff, too. I didn't plan on going all-out with Art yesterday, but it was fun (and after skip counting those 6's over and over, I'm all about some fun! ;)  ).

The completed leaf prints!


  1. Thanks for posting this great no-mess finger painting idea! I remember seeing this on Pinterest in the not-so-distant past, but in the blur of homeschooling my two oldest kids, I'd forgotten to put this on the to-do list for my toddler. She, too, will probably want it "open, open!" :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Whitney! My little one definitely was more interested in getting that bag open than actually playing with what she had. Oh well, it was still fun! ;) I hope it works out for you, friend!


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