Sep 4, 2012

CC Day - Week 2, Science

Just some quick pictures:

Mary's class took turns looking at a member of the protista kingdom in a microscope during Science this morning. They learned how scientists make a slide for the microscope, and they looked at other neat stuff. We've never really done things like this at home, so this was all just pretty cool!


  1. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago from Half-a-hundred-acre-woods. And today...I realize we are in the same CC community!! You can actually see one of my children in the pictures in this post. I am a tutor, so that is why I haven't been in the classroom with this child. I guess I need to find you "in real life" next Tuesday to say hi! Love your blog and your enthusiasm for CC!

    1. Hi there, I'm glad you found me! I know who your adorable daughter is, and Mary thinks that she is her best friend! All last week she kept talking about her! So cute! Yes, we'll definitely need to talk IRL. ;)

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