Sep 12, 2012

My Little Greek Goddesses

The girls are a little under the weather today. So, to cheer them up, I decided we should make Greek goddess costumes before we watch Disney's Hercules tonight. Thankfully, I had a bunch of white fabric on hand, so this really wasn't a big deal to throw together (thank you, Lord!).

I let them decorate their dresses, which will also be togas when we learn about Ancient Rome in a couple of weeks (two birds with one stone, gotta love that!).

Greek goddess fashion show! They both decided to be Aphrodite... too cute!

We have some big plans for this week and next for Ancient Greece. Since we have a CC break next week, we'll be spending two weeks on Greece, and honestly, it will be nice to slow down a bit. Tonight I plan to work on more weeks of our Timeline Card & Bible Story schedule. If you're interested, check back soon!

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