Sep 6, 2012

Week 2 - Crafts

Earlier in the week, I took a piece of yellow poster board and drew an outline of the Fertile Crescent area. Then, Mary painted in all of the rivers while I painted the seas. The next day when the map was dry, I gave the girls some small Ancient Egypt toys that I'd ordered a while back. (If my girls were older, I would have buried the toys in a spot out in the yard, and we would've pretended to be archaeologists! We're right in the middle of a great little reader about finding King Tut's tomb. Glad we get to do this cycle again in a few years!) We've had fun playing with them and moving them around the map! It's also been a great tool to review our geography memory work!

The CC history sentence this week is Commandments 6-10, so we did a little craft to go along with it. I found the idea here (scroll down after you click), and it was lots of fun! First Mary colored the small commandments, and then she glued them onto her handprints. Ten fingers, ten commandments. Pretty cool!

And just in case you think it's always peaches and cream around here, it's NOT! Ha! Anna's pretty upset because I didn't let her make this craft, too. Well, lesson learned! Next time I'll make sure she gets to do her own little version.

Mary's finished product!

Anna was much happier when Mary let her play with the glue stick on her project. She's becoming such a sweet big sister; it's neat to see how their relationship is growing.

Since the Red Sea is part of our geography memory work this week, we also used our new big map to play the Exodus. Below, Anna is taking her turn crossing the Red Sea.

We used these plague printables from 1+1+1=1 to help us act out the story. Super fun!

I don't have any more big crafts planned for this week, except working on our lapbooks and History Pockets. I'm also absolutely DETERMINED to nail down our schedule tonight after the girls go to bed. I must, I must, I must! Hopefully I can share that with you tomorrow. I'm telling ya, friend, having this blog is such good accountability for me! If I post something, like plans or a schedule, I'm much more likely to stick with it. See you again soon!

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