Oct 7, 2012

Art Lesson, Heart Lesson

Also called, 'I pray that I didn't scar my child for life!'

So, I saw this great idea for an art project somewhere online. Saturday, the hubs took Mary out on a Daddy Date, and I decided to give this idea a go with Anna.

I put painter's tape on a canvas, let Anna pick out her paint color, and then let her loose! 

Everything started out well. I thought she'd really go for this project since she's been enjoying getting her hands messy lately. Who wouldn't love finger-painting, right?!

Surprisingly, she wanted to use a brush instead. Okay, no biggie...

We're having fun, life is great, and then boom - she's done. She's DONE?! But the picture isn't 'finished!' She hasn't put paint over all the letters yet, and it's only been like three minutes! She can't possibly be DONE...

But, she is (and, yawn, she's a little bored, really). And finished or not, I totally should have taken the brush, said, "Good job, Sweetie!" and let that be that. Or better yet, I should have picked up a brush and said lovingly, "Let's finish this together!" However...

I didn't. Isn't this above picture so terrible?! Oh, my heart aches that I made her finish. :( She so didn't want to, but I thought, hey, I put all the work into getting this thing ready, you're almost done, if we stop now you won't even see all the letters. Ugh... So, after some whining (no real tears or breakdown, though. Please don't think I got out the wire hangers or anything!) and bribing (Wanna watch Nemo? Put some paint over this E!) she finished. (Are you shaking your head in frustration at me? Me, too. I really am embarrassed by this, but if I just write posts of everything being hunky-dory all the time, that would be a lie. So, here is the icky-messy truth...)

Looking back, the struggle was SO not worth it, and I really am praying that she's not totally turned off to painting after this. I am the worst mom ever! Who forces their kid to finish an art project?! An ART PROJECT for 'FUN!' Sheesh... Well, this was definitely a humbling learning experience for me.

But, she's only two; she probably won't remember this. And, as you can see, here she is the next day, all happy and smiles with her completed project. I was just so happy that she didn't run into corner and cry when she saw it! I think she'll be okay. :)

So, while the finished project is cute, it's also bittersweet. I will keep it and hang it up, though, as a reminder of this torture experience, in hopes that it never happens again. Bummer, huh? But, I did learn a wonderful mommy heart-lesson, and Anna doesn't seem too broken up about it anymore (thank you, Lord!). Also, to keep things in perspective, in the big scheme of things, if this is the worst part of my week, then things are good. :) (by the way, my husband just said I sound like Doogie Howser writing on his computer - ha! I'd much rather be compared to Blossom, though. ;)  )


  1. Thanks for being honest! We moms put so much pressure on our selves and forget that we all have moments.
    I appreciate that homeschooling reminds me that my kids are not the only ones learning. :)
    On a side note: I love seeing all the pics and how I can see how you organize the school and art stuff. I am constantly looking for ways to be orderly and at the same time not feel like every room of my house looks like a preschool.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks for stopping by! Oh, this was a very hard lesson, friend. One that I find myself still learning in one way or another, but learning is good. :) My house used to look like a preschool for sure, until I realized that I was close to burn-out and marriage counseling - ha! My post about Best and Worst of 2012 (or something like that) goes into more detail. But I had to take down/move things to just have more peace in the home. Things are much, much better now that school is not the FOCUS of our home. Anyway, I'm glad you're here, friend, and God bless you and your family!


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