Oct 4, 2012

Fun Find - Playdough Mat Books!

I got up waaay too early this morning to make out the grocery list (groan), and I ended up spending waaay too much time on Pinterest looking for crockpot recipes (we live or die by the crockpot around here). While I was searching, I just so happened (cough, cough) to run across some fantastic stuff! So, I've decided to begin a new little category on the blog for fun finds. I may post one once a week, once a month, or this may just be the only one, ha! If you like posts like these, be sure to check out Tawnee's Pinterest Find of the Week over at Adventures in Homeschooling, who I stole this idea from who inspired me to share this kind of post. ;) Without further ado, here's my super-cool fun find:

Playdough Mats! How cool are these?! My girls LOVE Playdough, so this will just be a fun little extra for them. Check out all the details, ideas on how to use them, and get the FREE pdf download by clicking here.

Now, back to my grocery list!


  1. I found these a couple of weeks ago....some yummy chicken crockpot recipes--get this--that are freezeable! DOUBLY amazing...make them up and freeze, THEN throw them in the crockpot later!!

    1. http://kojo-designs.com/2012/08/freezer-crockpot-cooking-round-2-more-recipes-more-organization/
      oops! forgot to post the link. :)

    2. Ooooh! Thanks so much for sharing, Suzanne! I'm going to go check out the link right now! :)


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