Oct 1, 2012

Plans: Cycle 1 - Week 7

These next couple weeks have been challenging to plan, at least for History. I love, love, love History, so we've done a ton of fun stuff while studying Ancient Greeks and Romans. However, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism are not so fun for me. The Greek and Roman gods were no big deal, in my opinion, because even though people really did worship them a long time ago, the myths are so crazy it's comical (for example, according to mythology, Achilles's mom dressed him up as a woman and hid him with some princesses on an island in hopes that he would avoid fighting in the Trojan War! See what I mean.). But, these other religions are not so comical. They are real in our modern world, and they are wrong. I remember staying the night at a friends' house growing up and waking up to her Buddhist parents chanting and bowing down to their Buddha idol in front of their altar in the living room. It's real. So, since my oldest is only 4 and probably won't grasp the importance of learning the biographical information of the world leaders who probably inspired parts of our own country's Civil Rights Movement, we'll be leaving out a LOT in the History department. In fact, we'll probably just memorize what we're supposed to and then leave all the isms alone. And please don't get me wrong here. These religions and their founders are important to know to participate in the 'great conversation' and also to know how to better reach these people for Christ. But Mary is 4, so for History we'll just read Little Babaji and other books on the general topic of India.

* I mentioned above that it's getting a little harder for me to plan things for little ones these next few weeks for History. For good ideas, I always check out what other CC mamas are sharing on the CC Cycle 1 Link-Up at Brandy's Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood. The Cork Board has some great stuff for the next two weeks, and I LOVE that she's using this opportunity while studying India to learn about the missionary Amy Carmichael! So, we're going to do that, too. :) I went ahead and ran with this idea, and I've made a schedule for the rest of Cycle 1 of Christian missionaries and heroes that we plan to study. You can check that out by clicking here or the link in the sidebar.

Go here to see all the resources available for free on The Torchlighters site. We probably won't get the DVD (although I will definitely get it next time Cycle 1 rolls around when my girls are a few years older), but we will use the printable coloring sheets.

An Activity Guide for the above book can be found here.

An absolutely wonderful FREE resource (those are always good, right!) about the life of Amy Carmichael can be found here. It's a pdf of Issue #8 of Great Commission Kids, which I really don't know anything about. However, I've read through the newsletter, and it's great. We'll definitely be using it in our home this week! And here's a quick biography of Amy Carmichael that I thought was good, too.

* We'll also add another component to our History Sentence Lapbook this week:

* And do some crafts about India:

* And we'll listen to SOTW1: Chapter 30 on Hinduism.
* Here is a great board on Pinterest with ideas for studying India.

* We'll keep using our Map Friends Geography Review book.
* And we'll listen again to SOTW1: Chapters 30 and 31 on the Indus River.
* Crecia over at CCing it one day at a time... has put together these great flashcards for the memory work that we're going to use:

(These are just too cool! And, Crecia, I hope you don't mind, but I just used your format to create some Science flashcards for Week 5. Thanks so much for the inspiration!)

* Read a book or two:

* We'll keep using our Math Review book.

* I found this book at a local discount store, and it's really good for this week:
* We'll use some animal reproduction flashcards for review, which can be found on C3 (W7 Animal Reproduction Flashcards.pdf by NoGreaterJoy5).

* We'll also watch this video of a chick hatching:

* Crecia at CCing it one day at a time has a great collection of Science stuff for this week, including this collection of pictures of live animal births, including scorpions and seahorses! It also shows stars being 'born!' Really cool! Thanks, Crecia!

* Also, our family will be taking a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium this weekend (first time, we're all SO excited!), so the girls will be working/playing with this GREAT (and FREE!) Ocean Pack from 3 Dinosaurs that has a little bit of everything:

These are my plans; we'll see what actually gets done, ha! ;) Have you missed my plans from previous weeks? If so, here they are:

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out what other CC mamas are doing for Week 7 at the Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Weekly Link-Up!


  1. I share your thoughts on how to present the information for this week. We are reading Little Babaji, too...along with a few others.

    Blessings and thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathie! Yes, I was a little unsure of how to approach some of the information, but I think focusing on the Christian missionaries in those areas will be a good path for our family. God bless you, friend!

  2. You are awesome. I don't know what I'd do without your blog-help! Thank you!!!

    1. Leslie, thanks so much for stopping by, and I'm so glad that these plans can help you out! I'm a planner at heart, now I'm just learning (or trying to!) how to be a do-er. ;) Blessings, friend!

  3. I am so sad for your children. Christianity is not the only way, and it is only when children are taught that, that they can truly understand acceptance of everyone (as opposed to ignorance and judgement, which Jesus certainly did not support). And you should remember that Buddhism and Hinduism existed long before Christianity. They're real. Different paths, same end result.


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