Oct 7, 2012

Week 5 Craft - Stinging-Cell Animals

Jellyfish! My girls love jellyfish, probably because they've yet to meet face-to-face in the ocean. I worked at a beach one summer, and it was always a day-killer when the jellyfish came to town. They would be ALL over the beach! So, while I'm not a fan of the real thing, I will have to say that these cute little stinging-cell animals that my girls made are simply adorable.

First, they painted paper plates the day before. After they had dried overnight, I sprayed some adhesive glue on the tops and let them go at it! They used glitter, little gems, and googly eyes. Anna, of course, loved it. Mary enjoyed it too, until her hands got sticky. Sheesh! In the picture below she's trying so hard to wipe that stuff off!

Ha! If you look closely above, you can see how Mary is barely touching it while she picks it up. Too much! Anna, on the other hand, has found the glue and crepe paper, which we used for tentacles.

See, I told you she really did enjoy it! Mary named her jellyfish Pink Princess. Seriously.

Things really got exciting after I attached some yarn to the jellies; the girls ran around stinging each other, of course. ;)

The aftermath. Poor Pink Princess has lost most of her tentacles, but she still has her eyes, which is more than I can say for Anna's no-name jelly.

Just another fun Saturday in the school room! 

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