Oct 5, 2012

Week 5 - Making Mummies!

Since Week 5's geography memory work is all about Egypt, we decided to try some fun things that we skipped back in Week 2. I was so excited about making mummies with Mary, but I thought my sweet little Anna wouldn't care too much. How wrong I was! After putting salt on her barbie, she was done! She didn't want to rub oil on it, and she most certainly was not going to get her hands wet. In fact, she said, "Oh, no. It's like paper mache!" She is too much, y'all! Anna, on the other hand, cried until I let her put the pieces of 'linen' into the pasty mix. This girl was all about making some mummies! Ha! I love seeing the differences in their personalities as they grow. So, while I thought this project was probably a fail for my big girl, I know Anna really enjoyed it. And that makes it worth it!

Check out Mary's face in this above photo. Ha! She just couldn't care any less.

Anna's in the zone! At first, she dunked the strips in the paste (1 part flour, 3 parts water) and then handed them to me while I wrapped. But then I just got out of the way and let her go at it. ;)

We read this book in preparation for our little project. I have it open here to the page where they're wrapping the mummies. 

Finished project! I used this post as a guide, but here is another great version, too.

I think I tend to try things sometimes that might work better for older kids, like this idea. Oh well, at least it's something fun to do at home. I feel like I have a lot of wiggle-room this year, since we're just doing PreK. And when I say that we're just doing PreK, I really mean that we're working on reading, reviewing our CC memory work, reading Bible stories, and doing some Calendar Time when we can fit it in. It's a pretty easy year, and my friends keep telling me to just enjoy it and keep it fun. So, that's what I'm trying to do!

After making our mummies, we had these fun little guys for dinner:

Hot Dog Mummies!

We did start a project yesterday that is much more age-appropriate - making jellyfish (stinging-cell animal) out of paper plates! When they're dry we'll put the finishing touches on and post some pictures. I'm just dying to do this project with them, too, since we're learning about invertebrates:

Is this not the cutest thing ever! Hopefully we'll have some time this weekend to make these cute little arthropods.

Once again, I'm up waaay too early. Eeek! Back to bed for me. Good night, friends!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I look forward to doing some fun projects next week.

    I checked the links and I can't figure out what happened. Maybe try again and if it doesn't work, I can send it to you via email. Just send me your email via my email button or put it in a comment (which ever you prefer).

    PS: I tried the blogroll and it didn't work for me. :( I figured I wasn't suppose to be in it. :) Maybe I will give it another try.

    And yes, I know I need to get on CC3, just haven't made the time to figure out why I can't.

    Goodnight/ Good Morning! :)


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