Oct 10, 2012

Week 6 - Science Lab!

I've never really been interested in Science; History is much more my thing. However, Mary is starting to really like it, and I think it has a lot to do with our Science time every week at CC. This week we're learning about the major groups of vertebrates, and the kids seemed to LOVE all the visuals!

In the picture above, Mary's tutor, Mrs. B., is saying, "Scoot back, hold on!" as she introduces the bunny. (In case you were thinking, wow, this class is huge, it's not. Two classes combined for Science this day.)

And here's my daughter completely ignoring what her tutor just said. She's made up her mind that she's going to pet that bunny! Ugh... working on it, working on it. She did sneak the little guy a kiss at the end. :)

Owl foot. (ick)

Emu leg. (double ick!)

Dog skeleton, emphasis on the backbone for vertebrates.

Back in class, Art was next, followed by Review Time. I believe the Punch Board is Mary's new favorite way to review. The kids picked a color out of a bag, punched the corresponding paper plate covered with tissue paper, found a little prize, answered a review question, and then got to keep said prize. They were thrilled, and Mrs. B. is just. plain. awesome!

Mary says this sweet girl is her best friend at school. Love it!

In completely unrelated news, I made my first batch of homemade playdough (glittered and scented!) the other night:

And by 'batch,' I mean 25 containers. Ha! My mom is visiting, and she and I had a great time on this project!

Both girls really enjoy the playdough mats, too!

If anyone needs some playdough, come on over!
I think we have enough to share. ;)

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