Nov 6, 2012

Missionary of the Week

I've been inspired by Practical Pages's Composer of the Month to come up with a little 'poster' for our Christian missionary/hero of the week. It's very simple, as you can see, but it works for us.

To see our weekly schedule, click here

I've been asked how we study a missionary each week, and the poster is a big part of it. And, surprisingly, the girls really enjoy looking at the picture! Mary reminds me each Tuesday to put up a new one (our school week starts on Tuesday, since that's our CC day). In addition to the little poster in our dining room, we read a story about the missionary or hero for that week. I have some resources listed towards the bottom of the schedule post, but for my girls, they enjoy these books the best:

Each book has colorful pictures and it's not too long. Also, the book rhymes, which I thought might be a turn-off, but the girls love it! These books are just right for my 4 year-old, and they hold my 2 year-old's attention pretty well, too! I have this one on our dining room table (Gladys Alyward is our missionary this week), and Mary asks me to read it daily, so I do, but usually after Daddy leaves for work. This particular book didn't make me cry, but I was a mess almost each time after reading the ones on Amy Carmichael and Lottie Moon! Sheesh! They're just very touching stories, and I always said that if I were a Care Bear, I'd be Tenderheart, that's just how I'm made. Hear a pretty song or watch a sappy show, and I tear-up. It really doesn't take much, ha!

Well, that's how we've been studying Christian missionaries and heroes as we go through CC. Any additional activities for a particular missionary/hero will usually be listed under the general plans for that week. When the girls are a little older, I'd like to try a modified version of the daily plans in this free book. But right now, the poster and book are enough for my little ones.

In other news...

Mary's getting over a virus or something, so we missed CC today. After having my fill of Strawberry Shortcake and Disney movies, I introduced the girls to The Phantom of the Opera. The 25th Anniversary Celebration Performance is fantastic! I have so many wonderful childhood memories of the theater. My mom used to do the lighting for some community productions, and I would hang out with her during rehearsals. I grew up in Southern California where everyone, including me, wanted to be in the movies (the closest I got was meeting the nerdy kid from Saved By the Bell - no, not Screech, another one, which tells you just how close I got - ha!). I did lots of children's theater work and developed a love for the theater. Ahhhhh, the memories are flooding back! So, I take my girls to as much stuff as we can. Anyway, since we've been confined to the couch for the last couple of days, I thought they should meet Christine. :)

Ooh! Don't forget to vote today! And if your kids like to color, you can print this electoral college map for them to fill in tonight as the results trickle out.

Happy Election Day!

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