Dec 21, 2012

Fun Find: Country Fact Cards

My girls are actually napping! Woot! They haven't taken a nap during the day in about two weeks. So... mama's been busy scouring Pinterest in preparation for my CC planning day (can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!). While browsing through all the incredibly creative pins, I ran across these amazing free printable country fact cards. How cool are these?! I have absolutely no idea what World Thinking Day is, and I haven't proofread all the cards, but the ones I've seen look legit. I'm going to planning to create some kind of passport book for these cuties and let Mary collect them as we study the different countries in CC.

Just wanted to pass this along. I'm actually thinking of starting a facebook page for the blog so I can share goodies like this a little easier and not have to do a whole post. . . but then I have something else to keep up with. Decisions, decisions. Y'know, this is the THE definition of a 'first-world problem.' Ha! So, moving on...

I'm starting to feel a little back-in-the-groove now that things with Anna are settling down. Be on the lookout for some more posts soon!


  1. Cool! These look like fun! I vote for a facebook page!! :)

    1. Ha! Facebook is a very possible maybe... we'll see how it goes. In other news, the hubs is giving me the REST of the ENTIRE day to start my second semester planning! I'm SO excited to get organized! Talk to you soon, friend. And seriously, those goodies were the best goodies I honestly have ever, ever had. No, really. Just pure awesomeness! Thanks again!


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