Dec 28, 2012

Fun Find: New Year Resolution Printable

Everyone's napping (yes!), so I'm having my Pinterest time (double yes!). I ran across this fun and easy New Year Resolution printable for kids from

What a great keepsake! 

Do you make New Year resolutions? I typically never do, however, this year is different (and I'm learning that change is good). We gave ourselves a family Christmas gift of YMCA membership. So, yes, like countless others around the world, my NYR is to shed a few pounds. I wouldn't say that I'm overweight, but I'm just not in shape. I used to workout pretty often before getting married five years ago and having the girls. And, since we can't just go outside and play when we want to (no sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. with Gorlin Syndrome), we need someplace indoors to be active during the day. I'm very happy to report that Anna's going to take swim lessons starting next week - a Mommy & Me class! Oh, I'm going to be sad when she outgrows the Mommy & Me's. Mary doesn't want lessons, but she's agreed to take them starting this summer. We all just need to get up and move around; do you know the feeling? 

In case I don't get a chance to write again this year (but we'll see... I've got some ideas in my head),

Happy New Year, friends!

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