Dec 3, 2012

Mary's Christmas Tree Rules Song

Need some Christmas cheer?
This little video may just make you smile. :)

Our Christmas tree went up this weekend; Mary decided to put the tree rules to song in an original composition. I believe the lyrics are

Look at the tree.
Don't you wanna touch it,
but Mama says no.

Act like your age (which I've never told her!),
You're four-years-old so don't touch the tree,
Because you know what will happen.
You'll get a spanking on your hand.

Or something like that. Ha!

Let Christmas season begin!


  1. I seriously cannot watch this enough times. She is a superstar! If I need a little smile this Christmas season I know just where to go :)

    1. Ha! I watch it all the time, too, Erica! She's so funny! She makes up little songs all the time; I should try to catch more of them on video. Merry (early!) Christmas, friend!

  2. Hilarious! And girl... do I detect a southern drawl?

  3. Melody, she is adorable! I love how she uses her voice when singing. You should really consider getting her voice lessons when she gets older. :-)

    Blessings Friend,

    1. Thanks, Yvana! She really wants to take singing lessons, too! So we'll get her all signed-up in a couple of years. Too funny! Merry Christmas, friend!


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