Dec 19, 2012

MRI Results

Clean MRI!

This time went much, much better than the last attempt. They gassed her before sticking her with the IV, so she was out very quickly. She didn't even have any big reactions to the anesthesia, which was a blessing. 

Big sigh of relief.

I've been saying over and over that God is so good. And He is. But, I've had to ask myself if I would still be saying that if her MRI came back with signs of brain tumors. And the answer is yes. Even if her scan revealed multiple issues, God is still in control and God is good. However, I'm very thankful that it turned out clean this time. :)

We meet with our regular doctor next to discuss Anna's overall care plan and discuss possible therapy options (speech/occupational). She's made great strides lately, so that's starting to matter less and less to me. But, our doc said that now is the prime time to explore therapy, while she's so young. So, we'll give it a shot!

In January we meet with an orthopedic doctor to get her spine xrayed. Scoliosis and things of that nature can be part of Gorlin Syndrome. And that's the last thing we have to do! Then it's just taking care of the seven spots of skin cancer she already has (two more spots popped up on her face and leg), and watching for any more. Jaw cysts are a big issue, too, but those don't usually occur in Gorlin patients until ages 7-10. 

So, I feel good. 

God is good.

However, things have changed a little already within our family; I'm guessing it's in a good way. Mary was supposed to spend the rest of the week at her Nana's in Mississippi, something she did this past summer. But yesterday morning as we were getting ready to go, she flipped out. She said Anna would miss her, and she refused to go. I hate that she missed what was sure to be an amazingly fun week, but I'm glad that she feels such a strong attachment to her little sister now. She also has been sleeping on the floor of our room the past few nights. So, something is going on with her, and I'm just going to take it to God in prayer. I'm praying that she will feel safe, secure, and loved. I feel silly that I didn't realize how all these things going on with Anna might affect Mary. But I know that God will use this for good.

I have new fun things that I'd like to write about, and maybe later today or tonight I'll get a chance. The girls have stopped napping - AAAHHHHH! So there's not much free time during the day. I'm working on having a mandatory quiet time instead, which will have to wait until tomorrow, because Monsters Inc. 3D premiers today, and we love us some Mike Wizowski!


  1. So happy you got a clear MRI. God is good no matter what our circumstances are, but it sure does feel better when its the results we were hoping for.

    Blessings to you and your sweet family.

    1. Thank you, Yvana! You are such a sweet friend! I loved reading your last post. I didn't realize you're 38 weeks along! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for y'all! God bless you!

    2. Thanks Melody, we are very excited too although I just realized that I haven't even washed any of her abby clothes, I am a little behind on preparing for her. I am sure it will all work out.


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