Feb 27, 2013

CC Day - Week 18

CC Day!

We just started Week 18 in our CC community, and since I love taking pictures of my big girl, I thought I'd share them with you (again... I know, are you tired of Mary pictures yet?) ;)

Above, Mary's class wears their 'triangle ninja' hats. Apparently, the area of a triangle equals one-half base times hi-ya (big kick and semi-scream here). Pretty cool ninja moves from these kiddos! These hats are from C3:

file name: area of a triangle hats.pdf
user name: grismar

UPDATE: Grismar has a blog! You can go straight to the source and download from her new site. Woot!

(Grismar also has an awesome Ocean Zones Bottle Project for Week 19 on C3, too, that we'll do next week! Or you can go see it on her new blog! Thanks for all your hard work, Grismar!)

Mary did her presentation on Lambie, which was adorable.

One of the parts in Science was looking at different sand under a microscope. I wish I could go into more detail, but when I saw that microscope, y'all, I was insane in the membrane. Do you see it in the picture above? It's hooked up to the laptop! It takes pictures! It. is. awesome. And, it's under $40 on Amazon right now! It's definitely on my wish list. :)

We also helped the kids make a model of the ocean floor with play-doh. One of Mary and Anna's favorite movies is Finding Nemo, and Mary kept saying, "Nice trench," when we made the mountains. Ha! I love how the boys kept their triangle ninja hats on. ;)

Okay, this needs some 'splaining (as Ricky would say). At the very, very beginning of this year, I tried to teach Mary writing using Handwriting Without Tears. I love the program, but she was just not ready for it; she cried the whole time. So, I decided to chill out; she's ready when she's ready. We have not done ANY more writing lessons - at all! I'd encourage coloring and drawing, but I didn't dare tell her how to write any more letters. One day during the break, she started writing 'ho' like in Santa's ho, ho, ho. She wrote it all over her paper. Awesome! I was so proud of her for writing on her own. A few days later, I told her that if she added the letter 't' she would have a whole new word. Well, she liked that idea, so she started writing 'hot ho' all over the place.

Yeah. . . um. . . 

So, I then told her that we should just put 't's on all the 'ho's and make lots of 'hot's instead. She liked that (whew!). So, now Mary writes 'hot' on everything, and I'm just thrilled because she's doing it all on her own. It was a little awkward, though, when she signed her name as Hot Mary on a friend's get well card recently. Pretty sure her kids won't be allowed to play with my kids ever again.

Anyway, that's why Mary has a hot Mona Lisa in the picture above.

Modern art? Why not?!

By the time we're ready for a class picture, Mary's already wadded up her masterpiece. Nice, sweetie. Glad I got a picture when I did.

Review time at the end of CC is always Mary's favorite part. They played Twister and answered a question that was written on the floor mat. I thought it was brilliant and hilarious; I really need to take more videos!

Well, that was our CC Day this week. Totally awesome, as always!

Have a good one!


  1. Thank you Melody! I am so glad your community is getting to use some of my crazy ideas! :) and thank you for mentioning my blog on your blog. Your blog has been a blessing and an inspiration for me. I check it every week! I love how we can share ideas to help each other in our journey of homeschooling. We'll keep in touch. Blessings! :)

    1. Girl, let me just say that you and your ideas are awesome! Thanks SO much for all you do, Grismar, and I'm just thanking God for this great online CC community! Rock on, friend! :)


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