Feb 1, 2013

Funday Mondays

In attempt to make reviewing fun (because I tend to suck the fun out of things at times), we've started Funday Mondays. Every Monday, we just play review games to prepare for Tuesday's CC day. Here's what we do (although we never do everything each Monday):

Clockwise from top:

CC Quest by Karin Dewey
Mary just rolls a die and tries to get across the board by answering review questions. The real game is more involved, but going across the board is just right for her now.

Cat Tails Review Sticks by Brandy at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood
I think Brandy calls them Wiggly Worms. We had this cat can left over from another activity, so we just put the sticks in it and have Mary 'pull a tail' and answer a question. It's really funny when I make a cat noise when she pulls out a stick. Ha!

File folder games for Math and Latin (links further down)

I mix up the current week's cards and she puts them in the correct order.

We have renamed this game Race to the Top. Mary rolls a die and answers a review question to move toward the top. I play too, and the winner is the first one up the mountain.

I mix these up and let Mary pick one. Then she has to find that location on a map.

Review Spinner & Funny Voices Cards
She spins and answers a question in one of the funny voices. Cute.
The spinner can be found on C3:
username: meljohnson
file name: GameSpinner.pdf

Simply roll and answer. Easy cheesy.

Here's a little more info. on the Math file folder game:

This game is called Math Match Game: Weeks 12-20, and it's on C3:
username: kkillingsworth
file name: Match game for Wks 12-20_4th Edition.pdf

Her Latin game below is also really cool! 


username: kkillingsworth
file name: C1 Latin Match Game - Noun Endings.pdf

This picture above is a close-up of the Cat Tail game. She pulls a tail with a category, and then I ask a question. You really do have to sound like a cranky cat to maximize the fun. ;)

The big finale of Funday Mondays is The Challenge!

The Challenge is a review game I came up with using Karin Dewey's Memory Master Sticker Chart (I asked Karin to laminate it so I could use it over and over again. She'll do it for a little extra if you ask her when ordering). Now, Mary is not going for Memory Master, but I do want to review everything we've learned so far, hence this little game.

Okay, here's how it works:

This chart has every CC category and a box for each week (click here and scroll down for a better picture). I start at the top and ask Mary to tell me the review work for that subject and the first week. If she gets it right, I put an M&M (her favorite candy) on the box, and then we continue to go down the column until she misses one. If she misses one, we go over what she missed and move on to the next subject. However, if she fills up a column (one semester) with M&Ms, like below . . .

She gets this:

A trip to the Treasure Chest!
Every's girl's dream come true! ;)

Bribing, you say? Hmm . . . I prefer to call it . . . motivation!

I found the treasure chest at Target for around $10, and then I filled it up with junk cute stuff from Party City, Target's dollar aisle, and Dollar General.

She's known her prepositions for a long time, so she knocked out the English Grammar first semester column with no problems. She picked out a Tinkerbell bracelet for her hard work.

Check out that look! Ha! She's working on History in the picture above, and she knows she's almost earned the Treasure Chest. Only one more week's sentence to go! Can she do it? (Those X's you see on the board are where the M&Ms were - the weeks she knew. Now I can quickly see the areas we need to work on more.)

Yep! Look at that chocolatey-goodness face! (Of course, she gets to eat the M&Ms when she's done!)

I really like The Challenge because it's a great visual for me as her teacher to see where we need to spend more time (Math, Latin, and Geography). I'm also treating this game as a really big deal; we only do it on Funday Mondays. So far, it's working! She's pumped about reviewing, and I'm happy that we're having fun together.

Do you have any fun ways to review? Don't be shy; leave a comment and share!


  1. Love all of these game ideas! I'm going to implement the Latin one (because I can't get myself motivated to learn the Latin) and the Challenge. M&Ms are big motivators here!
    I also just watched the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie on Netflix. I've just made my first Mean Green to taste it before tomorrow when I'm starting the 10 day fast. Cheers!

    1. Hi, Teri! Isn't that movie soooo motivating?! Please let me know how the fast works for you. I couldn't do the full 3 days; I ended up doing just a day and a half. I think I could have gone a little longer with the right motivation, but it just wasn't meant to be this time. However, I still drink Mean Green for breakfast - I really do love it! We love all the file folder games by kkillingsworth (she made the Latin game). She also has one for Week 15, 21, and 23 Science that we're going to use as well. Have fun with your reboot, girl! I'm cheering you on! :)

    2. The caffeine headache! I can't take the caffeine headache! And I may have had some leftover chicken wings for lunch. Probably not the best day to start a fast with a refrigerator full of yummy snacks! The mean green is actually not too bad. Do you think if I added some carbonation it would feel like I was having a diet coke?

    3. Ha! Oh, girl! Hang in there! And you know what, Teri? If you don't make it 10 days, or even if you don't make it 1 day, I'm still proud of you for trying! :) You can still incorporate healthy juices into your regular diet and reap tons of benefits. You go, girl! :)

  2. Day 2 was so much better! No caffeine headache! I slept well and woke up with energy. My stomach did growl a few times, though. I was at the grocery store tonight and put a diet coke in my cart....and then I took it back out! I am shocked!
    Glad you found a closer doctor for Anna! I'm praying that you find a new friend in that other mom!

    1. Teri, you're a super-star! Awesome on making it 2 days; that's more than I did. You can do it, girl! I'm sure each day will feel better and better. Please, please keep me updated! :)


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