Feb 13, 2013

Volcano Day!

We just started our Week 16, so today is Volcano Day! 

We started off by watching two videos on youtube:


Explosive Volcanic Eruptions with Music - this one has a great song that Mary quickly caught onto and sang along! Although the beat, in my opinion, is a little too 'happy' for volcanic eruptions, but who am I to judge, right? ;) This video was Mary's favorite, and it was the most educational - I highly recommend!

Then we did a really cute craft that helped Mary remember the four types of volcanoes:


I pulled this awesome project off of C3:

file name: Types of volcanoes to decorate.pdf
user name: grismar

She also has some great flashcards that go along with this week's Science memory work; grab those, too, if you go on C3 for this week. Just search by user name and her stuff will pop up quickly.

(Just so you know, I download and print almost everything from grismar. If I don't use it this time, I store it in my Cycle 1 box for next time! She's one of my C3 Superstars! Love you, girl!)

Next, we made our volcano! Eeeekkk! This was so cool! I used a small Starbucks bottle from Target, and we formed the green play doh around it to make our mountain.

We decided that this project would be more interesting if we added a little Squinkee town at the bottom of our volcano. Ha! 

Then we used this recipe:

1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide
some squirts of dish soap
drops of red food coloring

Mary then helped me mix 1 package of Rapid Rise yeast in warm water. And finally she added that to our Mount Stroud: 

Kaboom! Mount Stroud blew its top:

Poor Squinkee Town! It suffered many casualties today. ;) Mary played and played just like this for at least 20 to 30 minutes. She loved it! 

After the volcanic eruption, Mary ate lunch while I read her, in my opinion, the BEST book to explain volcanoes to little ones:

I've looked at LOTS of volcano books, and this one is the most to-the-point and still interesting. Mary liked it so much she asked me to read it two times in a row. Winner!

At the end of school today, Mary said something that really made my day:

"Mama, I didn't know today was going to be as fun as Funday Monday!"

Yes, our little Volcano Day was pretty awesome.

Have you made one yet? It's not too late; go for it, friends!


  1. We did our volcano day today and it was a riot! I love showing my boys that learning can be fun!! :)

    1. Tammi, I'm so glad your Volcano Day was awesome! Yay for making learning fun, girl! I'm sure your boys are glad that they have such a fun mama! :)


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