Mar 2, 2013

Classical Music Resources

I know this topic might be over-done, especially in the final weeks of Classical Conversations; I almost didn't even bother writing this post. However, I've come across some pretty cool resources that I really enjoy, and I thought, well, why not pass 'em along really quickly. First up . . .

I know from experience that researching a composer can suck up hours of my time. Looking for video clips, family-friendly resources, free music, etc. starts out fun, but quickly turns into something like Alice down the rabbit hole. So, I was very relieved to find a service that does all the planning for me!

Each month you will receive an email introducing a classical music composer, and you will get a special members-only link to access the resources we’ve compiled for you. In most cases you’ll get interesting ebooks,  a playlist you will be able to enjoy with a simple click, videos related to the composer and their music, activities, assignment ideas, and more. . .
All resources are carefully screened to be family-friendly, high quality, and valuable for homeschool families!

I love this! Click here to check out the composers. And one of the BEST things about this service is that I have lifetime access to these resource lists, and I can get to any of the composers at any time. I don't have to wait a month to get the next one; I simply log in and click on the composer I want. 

I really want to be intentional about studying classical composers, and I know this service will help. The pressure to find all the good stuff is gone, so now I just have to get off my lazy patooty and make it happen. If you're interested in crossing 'find composer stuff for this month' off of your to-do list, click here for a free sample (and it's Handel!). The cost is just under $15 for life-time access, which might scare off some; after all, you can compile all of these resources yourself. But, really, at less than $2 a month I'd much rather spend that time doing something better. So, if you're interested, go see what it's all about!

Check out this next great resource:

San Francisco Symphony Kids is a wonderful site with tons of interactive resources. I've actually had a lot of fun playing around on it!

Next up. . .

Have you ever heard of SQUILT?
Well, we are totally going to be doing it! Homegrown Learners has a great (and free!) printable to help me teach my girls how to be good music-listeners. I can't wait to try this with Mary next week!

Well, that's it (unless you want to see my opera goodies). These things may not be new to you, but it's still fun to share. I really cannot say how thankful to God I am for all the wonderful mamas who share their ideas, plans, triumphs, failures, and funny moments in the blogosphere or in the comments. The online CC community is so supportive and encouraging! 

Rock on, my friends!

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  1. Melody -- thank you for mentioning SQUILT. I hope you are enjoying it... it's a staple in my house!


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