Mar 2, 2013

Family Trip to the Symphony

The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra held a free family concert this morning, just in time for Week 19! There were lots of fun musical activities for the children to enjoy before the concert began, such as this conducting lesson given by Maestro Gregory Vajda, HSO's conductor! He was so sweet to the kids, and he was really trying to teach them something - yes, I think he's great! There was also a musical petting zoo, hula hoops, face painting, and boom whackers. So neat!

Mary and Maestro!

The girls made egg shakers and decorated them with musical stickers. This was Mary's favorite activity. 

Anna also got a picture with the conductor!

After all the fun in the lobby of the concert hall, the music began! The orchestra first played the overture to Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute." Then there was a cello concerto from a contemporary composer, and finally the orchestra played "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" by Benjamin Britten. Anna couldn't hang, and she and the hubs left early to run some errands. Mary did pretty well, but the hour-long performance was just too long for her liking.

Overall, I'm very glad we went; Mary said that she enjoyed it, so no worries. :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Looks like a fun morning and I really hate that we were just too lazy to get out in the cold to attend. (Slackers, I know!!) Please let us know the next time that it rolls around. You have inspired me to blog more. I really wanted to document more of our school days this year. I started out strong but just have not done a good job with it. I am going to start up again and hopefully I can get in a good rhythm for now for next school year. Much Love and I hope to see you tomorrow for a hug!!

    1. Oh, girl, you totally need to get blogging again! I love your blog; your pictures are always so great! Yes, I'll definitely let you know of other stuff like that I run across. It would be fun to meet up and sit together at this stuff, too! Hope to see you in the morning, and I always need a good hug from a good friend. Love you, girl! :)

  2. that looks amazing! & so great that they offered it for free! : ) we're heading to see the philadelphia orchestra this tuesday. i'm so excited!

    1. Oohh! The Philly orchestra! I'm a UD Blue Hen, so I'm a little familiar with Philadelphia (fluff-ya). I bet that's going to be so great! Have a fabulous time, girl! :)


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