Mar 9, 2013

Plans: Cycle 1 - Week 21

O Canada!

* Read SOTW2: Ch. 41, Exploration of Canada.
* Read SOTW3: Ch. 4, Exploration of Canada.
* Read some books:

* Perhaps do parts of this free Explorer Lapbook from Living Life Intentionally:

* Watch this short video on YouTube about the history of Canada:

Our family believes the earth is only 6,000 years old (approximately), so we'll have to correct the first statement in this video, but besides that, it's really, really good! This is the best video I've found that ties in with the entire history sentence.

* Watch this absolutely adorable cartoon singing about the Maple Leaf and other Canadian symbols:

Mary's going to LOVE this video above!

* And we'll watch this five-minute cartoon about Samuel de Champlain:

Click here to see the cartoon about John Cabot.

* Watch this video about the provinces of Canada:

It's a catchy song teaching all the provinces and territories, so it's a little different from our memory work this week - but I still like it. :)

* 2 Big, 2 Little has a great round-up of Canadian-themed crafts! I'd like to get a little crafty with Mary this week, so we'll pick something from this list.

* We use all of NoGreaterJoy5's songs for our memory work, and this week's song is really great:

file name: AJT Cy1 Science W21 Circles of Latitude Song 2012.mp3
user name: NoGreaterJoy5

* Create this hemisphere mini book from Practical Pages:

I also LOVE her idea of touching parts of the body to help remember the memory work.

For example:

Top of head: Arctic Circle
Shoulders: Tropic of Cancer
Middle: Equator
Knees: Tropic of Capricorn (think of knee caps!)
Toes: Antarctic Circle

* Watch this video on YouTube about longitude and latitude. I'm loving these catchy songs!

* If you want to get really crafty this week, you could help your kids make a paper mache globe and draw the five major circles of latitude. I definitely want to do this one day with my girls!

* Check out my Pinterest board this week for more ideas and videos, too.

Fine Arts
* There are some good pages and activities about Bach on C3. We're going to do these:

file name: AJT W21 Bach Well Tempered Clavier.pdf
user name: NoGreaterJoy5

file name: bachcoloringpage.pdf
user name: TammyOostdyk

* We'll listen to this CD about Bach and his music:

Christian Missionary/Hero
* Click here to see my Cycle 1 schedule.

That's it for this week, friends!

How is your year winding down? Have you started looking at curriculum for next year? We just bought a terrific program to help Mary learn to write her letters, it's called TV Teacher. We'll start that up as soon as CC is over. To help us get into the Bible, we're going to do Bible Study Guide For All Ages starting this Summer. And then we'll start Singapore Math in the Fall. We'll keep reading books, too, of course, but we're not going to start any formal Language Arts program until first grade. That's really all we're doing for kindergarten next year, aside from our CC stuff.

I still can't believe that I've already ordered some kindergarten curriculum. Wow! The days are long, but the years are short. 

This post is being submitted to Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood's Weekly Link-Up. Need more ideas for this week? See what other mamas are doing:


  1. Have you ever checked out "Geography Songs" by Kathy Troxel? They are and catchy...and go along well with CC stuff. I got the package with the book, cd, and map (I can't find my cd right now..but that's another story!). I would definitely recommend it. I hope to start doing Shurley Grammar with my daughter who will be in first grade next year. We used Handwriting Without Tears this year for our Kindergartener and I LOVED it! Teaches lots of fun ways to remember how to write your letters. Plus it's VERY affordable. I've heard lots of good things about Singapore Math. Hopefully we'll get to do a lot of these activities this week! ~Stacey

    1. Oh, Stacey, we LOVE the Geography Songs CD by Kathy Troxel! We haven't listened to it in a while, so thanks for reminding me about it! :) We also have Handwriting Without Tears, but it just wasn't working for us, and, I think Mary wasn't ready. Have a good week, friend!

  2. Yes, I love planning school. It is so fun!! :)

    1. Isn't it, though?! I really do love planning! Glad to know I'm not alone! :)

  3. You will absolutely love Bible Study Guide for All Ages - it is amazing! The built in review keeps the material fresh in their minds -- and in mine :)

    1. Oooh! I'm so encouraged by your comment, thanks! I'm really excited to start it soon! :) Have a blessed week, friend!

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful resources Melody! I LOVE your blog and all the ideas, books and links you always share. It helps me get inspired to create more materials. You rock girl! Have a great week! :)

    1. Thank YOU , Grismar! My plans are never really complete until I check your blog, though. I just printed your history cards for Week 20, and I made a felt atmosphere thingy for this week. Very creative, girl! Love it! Have a great week, too, friend! :)

  5. Thank you for linking your pinterest board it's super helpful! Also thanks for the "links" for the C3 website. That can be a little tricky to figure out for us newbies!

    1. Oh, I agree, Rhianna, that the C3 website can be a bit tricky until one gets used to it. Been there, girl! I hope these plans can help you out some, friend, and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week. :)


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