Mar 15, 2013

Plans: Cycle 1 - Week 22

More Canada, eh?
(just couldn't resist)

History & Geography
Y'all, I just could not find much for this week (at this time. Grismar will usually put stuff up on her site a little closer to time, so be sure to check there, too!). Click here to read a little more about the British North America Act. And click here for another quick read.

* Read some books:

* We'll check out this free 40-page weather unit for ages 3-9:

* We'll do some weather experiments, too, of course (that's the fun part!). Check out this post from Sola Gratia Mom; she uses the experiments from this blog. I haven't decided yet which ones we'll do, but I'm sure it will be some of these. Excited!

* Need more ideas or want to see some videos about weather fronts? Check out my Pinterest board for this week by clicking here.

Fine Arts
* C3 goodies that we'll use:

file name: AJT W22 Mozart.pdf
user name: NoGreaterJoy5

All of her great flow charts are on C3 under Brandy's user name: brandyferrell

* Listen to this audio about Mozart:

* This is a cute 5-minute video:

* And we'll do some SQUILT, too.

(Love this!)

Christian Missionary/Hero
* Click here to see my Cycle 1 schedule.

And let's end with one of my favorite little happies:

Ooooh! Gotta love that, right?! 

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