Jun 23, 2013

A Movie You Should See. . . And Common Core

Friends, I am really torn up about this Common Core business.

I've been doing lots of research to learn more about it, and I'm finding out that there are many sinister layers to this scheme. 

What if I told you that Bill Gates, who's funding Common Core, is giving money to a company to research biometric bracelets and functional MRIs for school children? I kid you not.

Supporters of Common Core repeatedly say that it's not a 'curriculum.' They argue that Common Core is simply a rigorous set of 'standards' to improve our education system and get American kids ready to compete in a global economy.


I encourage you to go straight to the source and listen to Bill Gates himself tell you about Common Core. Watch the video of Glenn Beck's April 11, 2013, radio broadcast. The first six minutes deal with why in the world Exxon is running commercials supporting Common Core. At about 6:15, Bill Gates starts in. 

So, you have it straight from the great and powerful Oz: These 'standards' are just the beginning.

Curriculum is coming.

And don't forget about the 400 data points that the government will collect on its students. Click here to read about the data mining that goes along with Common Core, which will be kept in a database that is not secure.

Click here to read another great post exposing Common Core from Stand Up America.

I could go on and on. But why do I care, right? I mean, I'm homeschooling my kids; they won't be in 'the system.' What's the big deal? 

The big deal is this: Do you think the government is going to ignore the exploding homeschool movement? Do you think the SAT and ACT won't be rewritten to align with Common Core? (Did you know that David Coleman, chief architect of Common Core, is now president of the College Board? Watch a video here of Coleman saying how he 'convinced' governors to jump on board this evil mess.)

The bottom line is that changes are coming. Things will not be how they've always been. And I'm just not smart enough to anticipate what's coming next for homeschooling or education in general. But I know it's not going to be pretty.

So, in comes the title of this post. This movie was recommended to me at our CC Parent Practicum by the wife of a government official. She knows her stuff, so I made the time to watch it with the hubs.

Click here to watch the documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down

I highly, highly (okay, BEG) you to watch this. Educate yourself. Do your own homework and pray for our country.

Click here and here for my other posts on Common Core.

If you live in Alabama, please read this post about Common Core in our state.


  1. THANK YOU for keeping it real. People think I'm crazy because I speak out against common core. I found your blog through pinterest (I'm a fellow CC mama blogger). Nice to "meet" you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the encouragement! Yes, I'm sure people think I'm crazy, too, but I just can't keep silent about this mess and hope it will go away. Heading over to check out your blog now! :)


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