Jun 8, 2013

CC at Home Book Club - Echo

Our first CC at Home Book Club selection was Teaching the Trivium. Click here for my review, here for Brandy's at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood, and here for Beth's at Classical Conversations at Home

This month, we'll be reading Classical Conversations founder Leigh Bortins's book Echo in Celebration: A Call to Home-Centered Education. This little book is so encouraging and inspiring; I would love for you to read it with us this month! Click here for the FREE pdf version of the book! If you're new to Classical Conversations or even new to homeschooling, I highly, highly recommend taking the time to read this quick book. If you're like me, Echo will get you pumped for the upcoming school year!

Classical Conversations has generously given me a copy of book to giveaway! Although Echo is available for free online (click the book above), sometimes it's nice to have a hard copy to highlight and tab (I love to tab!). To enter, please follow the instructions below. The giveaway will end June 13. And if you'd like more chances to win (because who doesn't, right?), head over to Classical Conversations at Home and Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood. We'll all be reviewing this book next month, and we'd love for you to join in the discussion! So, what are you waiting for?! :)


  1. Thanks for your time and information on your blog. This will be my first year homeschooling with a 13yr, 10yr, 2yr old

  2. Thanks for recommending this book!

  3. I just found your blog through www.halfahunredacrewood.com. I have been in CC for 2 years and love site like yours! Excited to find you!

    Anna E.

  4. I'm a brand new homeschooler and just joined a CC Community. So glad to have discovered your blog as a reference and a place for ideas. Thanks for opening your life to my world. :)

  5. Just finished the PDF, but would love to have a printed copy to reference! We will be CC newbies in the fall and can't wait! We are just staing to get into unit studies and the kids seem like their love of learning has been renewed.....and mine too;)


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