Jun 5, 2013

Common Core - Video Proof of Indoctrination

I am just appalled at the social justice indoctrination being fed to our kids! I saw this video and just had to share it here. You really do have to see all these videos for yourself to believe what's happening in our public schools now.


Here's another one about the informational texts. I've heard quite a bit about how informational texts will make up anywhere from 50-70% of assigned reading in high school, but I didn't really understand what an 'informational text' was until now. Check it out below:

The next video compares a Common Core-aligned math book approved in Utah and Vermont to Saxon's Algebra 2 book. Absolutely ridiculous. And if you're thinking, Oh, that's in Utah and Vermont. That would never happen in Alabama or Georgia or wherever, time will tell. But, sadly, it looks like our nation's kids may not be able to tell the time or much else of math:

It feels like a punch in the stomach, doesn't it?

I'll keep posting what I find about Common Core, and please comment or email if you find things, too.

Click here to read my post about Common Core in Alabama.

Don't know much about Common Core? Click here to learn more.

People need to know!


  1. I am speechless.....thank you for sharing!

    1. It's really crazy, Tammi. I'm shocked by it all. Thank YOU for telling me about the videos, friend! :)


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