Jun 18, 2013

The Remarkable Ronald Reagan - Review

You may already know (or you may not) that I love listening to Rush Limbaugh (although I don't have that pleasure much anymore as a busy mama). I'm actually a Rush baby! One of my favorite memories growing up is hanging out with my dad, listening to Rush, while he fixed up houses. Good times. I also consider myself a Tea Party Conservative, and I love history and politics.

So, when I was asked to review a new children's book about Ronald Reagan, I was elated and jumped at the chance! I'm very interested in teaching my girls about great Americans who worked for the betterment of our amazing country, and it's never too early to learn about The Great Communicator, right?! Well, I'm happy to report that this new book does not disappoint!

The Remarkable Ronald Reagan: Cowboy and Commander in Chief by Susan Allen is a beautifully illustrated biography for kids ages 5-8. Mary loves this book and requests it often after dinner.

As a Christian myself, I appreciate how Allen mentions that his mother encouraged Ronald Reagan's faith in God. The author does a great job of hitting all the big moments in the president's life; however, the book does take a page to mention Reagan's divorce from his first wife and his assassination attempt, so if you have littles, you may want to skip those two pages (we do for now). Allen also devotes a page  spread to the shuttle Challenger tragedy, but handles it very tactfully. The author also does a wonderful job of briefly explaining the Berlin Wall on a child's level. And again, Leslie Harrington's illustrations are just brilliant!

My favorite quotes from the book:

Ronald Reagan knew that one of the best parts of being an American is the freedom to work hard to be whatever you want to be.

Reagan believed that all people should be free, and he was brave enough to say so.

Don't you just love that?! 

The final pages of the book are filled with highlights from his life with pictures, copies of letters sent to and received from children, and important things Reagan said. It's really a very interesting treasure trove!

Susan Allen is the former First Lady of Virginia and counted the president as a family friend. Her husband, former governor George Allen, serves on the Board of Governors for the Reagan Ranch.

The Remarkable Ronald Reagan is just a wonderfully patriotic and inspiring addition to our home library. I love that teaching my girls about great Americans can be so enjoyable for our entire family!

Yes, yes, here's the disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of the book in exchange for my review. But, as always, these opinions are strictly my own. I would never recommend something that I don't personally use myself, and this book is just plain awesome!


  1. My first son is named Reagan. My second son is named Rush. Liberals love us :) :) :)!

  2. I love those quotes! I'm so glad you liked the book -- being really familiar with Reagan, you're better prepared than most to critique a book like this. Thanks for being on the tour!


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