Jul 4, 2013

Common Core in Alabama

I live in the wonderful state of Alabama. And on this Fourth of July, I'd like to say thank you to God for my beautiful state and country. However, I honestly believe that some of our freedoms are being snatched away, right out from under our noses. I've heard a lot of chatter from my homeschool friends about Common Core and its evilness. However, I'm not even sure if most of my public school friends know about it. Why would homeschoolers be more fired up about Common Core than families with children who will be more directly affected in the near (like NOW) future? Hmmm... I have some theories, but that's not really the issue.

The issue is this: EVERYONE will be (or already is) affected by Common Core.


It will take every concerned American to pull together to stop this demonic power grab. Oh, yes, I went there. I do feel that this whole program is ungodly; I'm sure that God, the Creator of free will, isn't pleased with this socialist agenda that's contaminating education and turning our precious children into human capital (insert sassy finger snap).

Let's take my home state. In November of 2010, Alabama adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) into their Alabama College-and-Career-Ready Standards (CCRS), which is part of Alabama's Plan 2020, the overall educational plan for our state (it can be a little confusing, I know). The adoption went largely unnoticed until recently, due to the fact that full implementation of the Math and English Language Arts standards is this coming 2013-2014 school year. So, now everyone is talking about it, and for good reason.

Closing the achievement gaps is one of the objectives of Plan 2020. The architects behind this plan believe that there should be subgroups based on skin color, with each subgroup having different achievement goals.

Beginning this fall, Alabama public schools will be under a new state-created academic accountability system that sets different goals for students in math and reading based on their race, economic status, ability to speak English and disabilities.
The state's new Plan 2020 will replace No Child Left Behind, the much-maligned, Bush-era accountability program. Plan 2020 emphasizes getting students college- or career-ready (emphasis mine, this is the link to Common Core) and closing the achievement gap that exists between impoverished minority students and students who are better off socioeconomically.
It sets a different standard for students in each of several subgroups — American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, black, English language learners, Hispanic, multirace, poverty, special education and white.

Here is the breakdown of the subgroup achievement goals in Alabama:

The percentages needed for third-graders to pass math in their subgroups for 2013 are:
- 93.6 percent of Asian/Pacific Islander students.
- 91.5 percent of white students.
- 90.3 percent of American Indian students.
- 89.4 percent of multiracial students.
- 85.5 percent of Hispanic students.
- 82.6 percent of students in poverty.
- 79.6 percent of English language-learner students.
- 79 percent of black students.
- 61.7 percent of special needs students.

Doesn't this soft racism and discrimination make you sick?! Please read the entire article if you have a minute.
In somewhat unrelated (but very interesting) news, Alabama also has a tax-funded program to feed children and their parents breakfast, lunch, AND DINNER at certain schools this summer (I kid you not. Click here to read more). Cradle to the grave, people. We're creating a culture dependent upon the government, and Common Core fits right in. Our children are being dumbed down to remain dependent. It may sound harsh, but those are my true feelings on all of this. And even though my children will be home educated and not directly affected by Common Core (yet!), I hate to see what's in store in for our great country if generations of children are subjected to this socialist agenda. 
If you haven't seen the free documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down, please click here to watch it. It is eye-opening!
To read all my other posts about Common Core, please click here.
I hope all this didn't bum you out; God is still in control and on His throne. Reminding myself of that always gives me hope. I just sincerely pray that God will open people's eyes and inspire us to take action where we can before it's too late.
On this special day, I'm also reminded of the popular phrase:
Land of the free,
Because of the brave.

God bless you, friends.


  1. WHAT??!!! Where is the outrage on this discrimination? It makes me sick to my stomach! The documentary, Agenda, is fantastic!! Although, scary as to where our country is headed. Like you said, God is in control and he is not surprised by these events.

  2. Thank you for protesting against Common Core. I also believe regulation takes away our freedoms.

    1. It's terrible, and I just pray that more people will become engaged. Thanks for commenting!


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