Jul 30, 2013

Hungry Frog Review Game!

Okay, so, I'm in love with this super-cute review game! I mean, in l-o-v-e! It's the sweetest, cutest, pinch-its-cheeks-and-give-it-a-nosey-nose game ever (well, to me anyway)!

Allow me to introduce you to my newest obsession review game:

HuNgrY FrOg!

I spent 50 cents in the little toy thingy at the grocery store to get this sticky frog (we've named him James). I found some cute cartoon garden bugs online, printed them out, wrote a review subject on the back, laminated, and boom - the cutest review game in the whole wide world!

I can't wait to try this out with my class of littles soon!

Check out more games over at Tutor Talk:

Speaking of littles, I'll be tutoring Mary's CC class this year! I've very, very excited! To help make things run smoother on CC days, I've made my own tri-fold dry erase board to bring with me each week. Suzanne at Suzanne Shares shared how she made one and loved it, and, since I'm the biggest copycat this side of the Mason-Dixon, I made one, too! I used white panel board from Lowe's and hot pink duct tape (because, why wouldn't you?!), and the whole project cost less than $20. I actually was able to make two boards (by myself, I might add!) out of the one sheet of panel, so Mary now has her very own school board. She loves it!

She had Kitten School this morning, which turned into CC School with her huggable loveables as her students. Adorable! This was a very simple project (Lowe's cut the panel for free!), and I'm so excited about all the time it will save me on busy CC mornings (CC tutors write all the memory work for the week on a white board before class begins. Now I can write it all out at home and not be rushed in the mornings!) Check out Suzanne's awesome post about other ways to use the board at home! Thanks so much, Suzanne, for sharing!

And just so Anna's not left out, here's what happens when she's left to her own devices:

I just turned my back for a minute! She's my cutie-pie. :) I'll do a little Anna update soon, too; we've had some new developments with her health. Nothing to worry about, though. :)

I hope you have a happy day!


  1. Can you pass along WHERE you got the cute bugs? Another blog? Leesa

    1. Hi Leesa! I just did a search for cute bugs and found those. There wasn't a blog or anything. I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful. :(

    2. Oh, and it was an image search, if that will help at all.


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