Sep 19, 2013

Review Games We've Used So Far

I'm four weeks into my first year of tutoring a CC class, and it is so much fun! We've tried lots of different review games, and here are the class favorites so far:

Say it in a funny voice!

These 16 FREE cards are from I Love 2 Teach, and they are our favorite review game right now!

Click here to download them from Belinda's blog.

We all sit around a table and take turns rolling the Educube. Whatever subject it lands on, I ask a review question, and the student answers the question in whatever funny voice she chooses. Easy, simple, and a big hit with my kindergartners!

Feed the Cat (also called Big Jenny by my Mary), was a big hit this week, too:

And, of course, you have to be really excited every time they score points (and I mean over-the-top, really excited - ha! Is it me, or do I look like I'm giving birth in this picture?! Eh, it may just be me. ;) ).

My little class of sweeties (minus one adorable little man). They may look young, but these kinders can rattle off their Latin conjugations like nobody's business! Love them!

I've had a request for Hungry Frog and the beanbag toss-in-the-bucket review games next week. And I've heard that the target practice game was a big hit with the older class at our campus. Fun times!

Check out more review game ideas at Tutor Talk:

Review time is certainly my favorite part of class each week. I'm simply amazed at what these little cuties are capable of!

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. . .

Psalm 139:14a


  1. Once again, you made me laugh out loud. :)
    I love Feed the Cat! You are so brilliant!

    1. Ha! Thanks so much, Brandy! I think you're pretty brilliant yourself! :)

  2. I'm guessing that they answer a question and get to "feed the cat" and get points? Thanks! :)

  3. What is the "feed the cat" game? Looks interesting.


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