Sep 22, 2013

Science Review Binder

I started out the year with one big Classical Notebook. Turns out, that just wasn't working out too well for us. Mary needed to feel like she was getting through things, and flipping around in her huge binder wasn't doing the trick. So, I've broken it down into individual binders that we can put away when we're finished with that subject (and feel a little sense of accomplishment). Does that make sense? So, instead of one big binder, we have a Geography binder, Science binder, etc.

We've had the Geography binder for a while, and we do activities in it every Thursday - our Geo. day. The Science binder is relatively new, and I thought I'd give you a quick tour through it:

I found these free editable binder covers from A Year of Many Firsts! Click here to get your own!

Then I asked my fabulous husband to scan in the page from the Foundations Guide that has all the Science memory work for the year on one page, front and back. So, that is my first page in this review binder. Then I have Avery Big Tab Pocket Dividers for each week.

If you've been to the blog's facebook page, you know that I've been raving about Tara Guy's amazing printables. She is awesome, y'all! Her blog is fantastic, too, and I'm just so thankful to God for people like Tara who obviously spend lots of their free time making things to help other CC mamas. Thanks, Tara! Your countless hours do not go unappreciated! So, behind each divider, I have Tara's Science review sheets:

I cut off some of the extra white space on the pages and taped the pages to some cover stock paper (blue is for astronomy, and I have green for the ecology pages). Then I put each one in a page protector. I laminated the review pieces, put velcro on the backs and on the page protector, and now Mary can review her Science in an easy and fun way!

Here's another picture with the pieces on the pictures (sorry for the sideways shot).

On the reverse side, I have the Science Snippet from C3:

You can see the pocket divider in this picture; that's where I keep the review pieces for that week. I plan to add other little Science helps that I find along the way, things that go with our memory work (like the first page of this Water Cycle Freebie Pack!)

So far, the Science Review Binder has been a big hit! Mary enjoys reviewing her memory work with Tara's pretty printables, and I'm happy that Mary can review independently (I'm all about teaching independence!). This binder was very easy to make. Here's what I used:

binder (obviously, right)
Tara's Science printables (C3, username: sarasmommy06)
Science Snippets (C3, username: fmoderator1)

If you make your own review binder, I highly recommend using a pencil and writing the number of the week on the reverse side of each little review piece. It will make it much easier to sort them if they get mixed up!

And just for fun, here's a cute picture of my big girl doing some school this week:

Oh, and this is our Math binder. We start with our calendar stuff, and then I have a divider for Today's Lesson (Saxon 1 sheets), Previous Lessons, Skip Counting (free mazes!), and Writing Practice (free number writing worksheets found online).

And here's a quick photo of us just looking through our Geography binder during lunch last Thursday:

Click here to check out exactly what's in our Geography Binder (this is my favorite one; we use it the most!).

So, that's what we've been up to lately with the binders. I've had to separate the big one into smaller little ones, and that just works for us. Actually, there are many little adjustments we've had to make our first 30-something days of school. But, I'm learning to be flexible, and with God's help, we'll make it through our first year of homeschooling (and still like each other! :) ).

Have a wonderful week, friends!


  1. Aww, that's so sweet!!! I'm SO glad Mary loves the printables! We're doing the same thing with binders, but I love your idea about laminating the pieces. That's so smart for younger children! I'm so glad you are using (and liking!) the printables. That makes the hard work totally worth it - to know that other CC moms are using these. :)

    1. We LOVE your stuff, girl! Thanks so much again for all that you're making and sharing! :)


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