Oct 17, 2013

Art Movements Song with Hand Motions

If I had more time, I would certainly remake this video. However, it doesn't have too many awkward silences as I look at my notes, so I guess it's a keeper. For someone who hates to have her picture taken, these videos have been hard to do, but I think it's been good for me. You all know that I'm not perfect, and I don't look perfect, and apparently I sweat under one arm and have one droopy eyelid (yeah, what's up with that?!). Aaaaannyway, here's the video, and I hope the motions are helpful. :)

Click here to see the song with the lyrics and music only. You can convert this to an mp3 file and put it into a playlist for your phone or other device.

Click here to read about the Art History Card Game that I use with this song.

Oh, and if anyone is actually learning the song, I really would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment or contact me on facebook and let me know how it's coming along. :)

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