Oct 23, 2013

Fine Arts Board

One of the BEST pieces of tutoring advice I received this summer was from Suzanne at Suzanne Shares:

the carry-along tri-fold board!

You can see it behind me in the picture above. And, yes, those are puppets. Well, actually, Lucy and Larry are really the stars of the show when it comes to my class. I use them to spice up Latin, and the conjugations have become the absolute highlight of class! All the kids know their Latin because of Lucy and Larry (but watch out, they bite!). Click here to read more about using puppets.

The tri-fold board is a life-saver, and I'm pretty sure that all the tutors in our campus use them. Well, when I had mine cut at Lowe's there was a lot of extra board, so Mary got her own tri-fold board, and then I still had some pieces left over. What to do?

Enter the Fine Arts Board:

My husband drew the treble clef and staff with a permanent marker, and I put cool, useful stuff in the page protectors each week. I also write the grammar that I'm supposed to introduce on the board, which helps me stay on track during our 30 minutes of Fine Arts. I'm lovin' it so far!

If you're in CC, how is the tin whistle going? We're having fun with it, but let's just say our favorite word is 'cacophony!' We plan on visiting a nursing home around Christmas time to play for the residents and sing carols. It may not be pretty, but it will certainly be a joyful noise. :)

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  1. Awww, the bag fed horsie!! :) A mama from our community came up with that! <3

  2. Hi Melody!
    I was wondering where I can find a copy of your treble clef scale? I'm nipping your fine arts board, great idea!

  3. I'm wondering if you have a link to the items you put on the board? I'd like to find a printable of the D Scale sheet, the Treble Clef sheet, and the horse/bag sheet.


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