Oct 14, 2013

Ship Trip!

Happy Columbus Day!

Our CC group recently took a field trip to see life-size replicas of the Nina and Pinta! Here are some fun shots of our ship trip!

Love these families, and I still can't believe we managed to get a group shot! Awesome!

Mary isn't the outside type. . . at all, and I suppose that's really a blessing with Anna's condition. After about five minutes she started complaining of the heat, but she ended up being a real trooper. :)

These ships might look big in the picture, but they were small! Our tour guide said that the average age of Columbus's sailors was between 15 and 19 years old. Wow! She said that boys around age 8 would be taken by their dads to the docks and sent off as cabin boys to begin their career at sea. By 16, the boy, not an experience sailor, would've spent half of his life at sea. What a contrast to today's American culture! 

We had a great time learning about Christopher Columbus and just being together outside of our normal CC day. Good times!

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  1. We live in south Alabama. These ships will be in our area at the end of November. We can't wait to check them out!



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