Oct 24, 2013

Using the Art Cards

Have you tried the Art History Cards yet? If not, click here to learn more.
If you do have the cards, thank you for supporting the Chapman family with your purchase! Now, what in the world are you doing with them?! Ha! 
Actually, there are many ways to use these cards, and I'd like to share with you what we do at home:

62 cards can be very overwhelming, to say the least, so I started by introducing the Prehistoric to Northern Renaissance cards (above). I have clear velcro dots on the reverse side of each card, and I attached them to 5-gallon paint sticks that Mary had a blast helping me paint earlier. (Get it? Paint sticks, art cards, neat connection!)
Since she already knows most of the Art History song, we sang through that while looking at the cards. I laid the sticks in a straight line (like a timeline), and we talked briefly about them. Then I mixed up the sticks and asked her to put them back in the correct order. 

This was pretty easy because there were only three sticks, so she felt good about it. 

Then we played the Art Movement Scramble game (bonus game included in the Art History Cards), followed by a pretend mani/pedi with the Abstract Art paintbrush. Ha! That's my girl!

Don't have the Art Cards yet but want to check them out? Click here to go to my TPT store and pick them up. They're only $3 (for 62 cards and a bonus game!) and all the proceeds go to help my friends bring their adopted children home from China.

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