Nov 4, 2013

Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser!

I'm seeing lots of 'what I'm thankful for' posts now that November is upon us. I love reading these! Today, I'd like to share with you one thing I'm thankful to God for this year -


Family is so important, and you all know that. I always smile when I think how our awesome God puts families together. Every family is different and unique. 

This is the Chapman family:

They're in the process of adopting two special needs children from China. Amanda is a very dear friend of mine who introduced me to Classical Conversations. Please read more about their personal adoption journey by clicking here.

They just kicked off a fun puzzle fundraiser, and I'd love for you to join me in blessing this sweet family with a small $5 donation. When you donate $5 by clicking here, the Chapmans will write your name or message on a puzzle piece so their children will know who helped bring them home.

 Now, check out this amazing puzzle!

Here's what Amanda posted on her Facebook page:

We are doing a “puzzle fundraiser” as our last fundraiser for our adoption! We have graciously been given a 1,000 piece puzzle of China from the company Venus Puzzle. We are selling each puzzle piece for $5. You can buy one piece, or as many as you like. We will then put your name/family's last name on the back of the puzzle piece. Once we have sold all the puzzle pieces, we will have it framed (glass on both sides) and hang it in our home. We will then be able to show our children who helped bring them home from China. You can donate to our tax-deductible site through AdoptTogether or mail us a check. Please indicate on the site how many pieces you would like and what name(s) to put on the back of each puzzle piece(s). Please share this information with your friends too! Our goal is to have the puzzle completed by Thanksgiving, as we may travel at the end of December!! We will send updates on the progress of the puzzle as it is coming together. Thank you!

I pray that you will join me in sharing God's love in a tangible way by supporting the Chapmans this November in their final fundraiser before leaving for China.

Please click here to bless this sweet family by purchasing a puzzle piece! Your purchase of the Art History Card Game also goes towards bringing this family together.

 And, as my mama always says, you can't 'out give' God.

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