Nov 20, 2013

Tutor, May I? Review Game

Tutor, May I is one of my favorite review games! 

The kids are up and moving, sometimes jumping, hopping, or even crawling. The picture above pretty much explains it all:

I have my class line up on the edge of the carpet (but you could make a tape line on the floor, whatever). I ask the first child a review question, after he says the answer, he pulls a piece of paper out of a ziplock bag. The paper says what to do (2 bunny hops, 1 spin, etc.). The child hands me the paper, does the action, then sits down in his new spot. When the kids cross the other edge of the carpet (or designated finish line), they sit in a chair and wait for everyone else to finish. I don't have winners or losers in my games since the kids are so young; they're not a competitive group anyway. 

In the above picture, my good friend Mary is asking a cute-as-pie little boy a question (since I'm taking the picture). My little Mary and two of her friends are sitting (or, in Mary's case, lying on the floor) waiting for their turn. Two of their friends have already crossed the line and are sitting in the chairs waiting for everyone else.

Easy, cheesy!

(Click the link below to download the game pieces!)

I keep the ziplock baggie of papers in my tutor binder, ready for the next time we want to play.

Wanna give it a go? Click here to get your free Tutor, May I? little papers! Cut them out, stick 'em in a little bag, and voila! You have a fun review game all ready to go!

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  1. thanks! This is a great idea. Appreciate all your hard work to share this with us.

    1. You're more than welcome, Sharon! The actual idea for Tutor, May I wasn't mine. It was in a big, long list of review game ideas on C3, I just picked it, made the paper slips, and ran with it. :) Thanks for the sweet comment, friend!

  2. I used this in my class today- big hit!


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