Jan 8, 2014

More Changes...

This past December, I was blogging ALL the time. We had the Merry Christmas Giveaway Event, which was awesome (thanks so much to all who participated and entered!), and I finished the History Cards, Geography Cards, and Geo. songs for the rest of Cycle 2 (you can find all of those on C3). I also finished my tutor lesson plans for the rest of the semester. I was a busy bee for sure!

Now, however, I don't want to be on the computer 24/7. I'm with my family all the time, but I'm not 'present' all the time. Know what I mean? I want to change that. There have certainly been times when I have put this blog before my girls, much to my shame.
Confession - good for the soul, bad for the reputation.
So, I'm just giving you, my friends, a heads-up. I will still blog and share what's going on in our lives, but it probably won't be as frequently. Blogging is not my business; this site sure isn't a money-maker (not that I ever intended it to be, and that's actually a blessing; if it were, it might be harder to take a step back). At different times, this blog has been my scrapbook, my diary, and hopefully a ministry. But it will no longer hold such a big place in my life.
So what am I really doing? Well, I'm giving myself permission to let a week or two or three go by without posting. Blogging can be a blessing and a curse, y'all. It's uplifting at times, and then at other times it's a chain around my neck. I haven't posted in a while; I should really write something, it's been too long since I made an update. And then I end up writing without a purpose, and that's just boring and not helpful to anyone. 
One thing that helped me make this decision to step back a little bit from blogging was the recent passing of one of my former students. Before getting married, I was a high school English teacher in rural Mississippi. I taught Drew for two years, 9th and 10th grade, and he was a very special kid to me. I'm pretty upset about it, and I realize that I just want to spend the time that God has given me wisely. Not that blogging isn't a valuable use of time, but there have been many times when I've blogged that I absolutely should have been doing something else. We're not guaranteed tomorrow, as you know, and Drew's death this week has really made me reevaluate some things.
So, the chains are comin' off, friends!
I'll write when I can, when I want to, when I have something worthwhile to share, and when God gives me the free time to do it. Other than that, I'm going to enjoy this life and family that God has graciously blessed me with!
I love you all, and I hope you will still check back when you can. Thank you for the encouragement with Anna. I do hope to write more about her as we continue our journey with Gorlin Syndrome. And I know I'll be writing more about Teach Them Diligently and the Parent Practicum season coming up (can't wait!). And I will post about the Cycle 3 flip chart when it's finished and up on C3, and other little things here and there. So, again, I'm not going anywhere, but if you don't hear from me for a little while, just know that I'm busy having a blast with these two beautiful girls!
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  1. Melody - You are making a difficult but wise Mommy decision and I know all your viewers will support you and your bravery and honesty! You have been a big supporter of everything CC and also a great encouragement to your fellow blogging friends! Thanks for having the courage to step back and to give yourself permission to do that. God is clearly at work in your life and it's a beautiful testimony to a watching world. I will look forward to hearing about your life and all you will share when you can and know that I will be praying for you and Anna and your whole family! You are a blessing! -Colleen

  2. It's always the right choice to do what you feel the Lord is leading you to do! You will never regret the time you spend investing in your kiddos (I tell myself that all the time when I hear a negative comment about being a stay at home/homeschooling mom). I know for me it is hard to give up a source of affirmation. I'll confess...when I make a blog post I really feel good when I see that my viewing numbers are up! Crazy, right?! But I had to give up a lot of things I felt were "important" over the holidays and just focus on my health and just being with my family. I look at that as a time when God taught me a lot while I let go. I know God will do something special in you during this time. God bless! Stacey

  3. Hi Melody,
    Great post and perfect reasons for pulling back from the Blog. That is what I have done on mine and really only post once in a while. I completely understand what you are talking about. You have already given so much to the CC community and all your wonderful resources are here on your blog for people to use. Thanks for all you have done already.


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