Apr 11, 2014

EOY and Geography Fair!

Tonight was our CC End-of-the-Year (EOY) Celebration and Geography Fair!

Here's a quick glimpse into our evening:

In the picture above is my sweet class. LOVE them! Can you tell which on is my distractible child? Yeah...

Above, the two younger classes combined for their presentation. All the classes had their turns reciting some of the memory work from this cycle, and then they all came on stage to sing the Doxology. It was beautiful.

Congratulations, Memory Masters!

Time to party! This was our third party of the DAY, for real! Anna had a party at her preschool, then we went to a birthday party, which was immediately followed by our EOY Celebration. Don't even ask me what my kids ate all day! ;)

The Geography Fair was so wonderful! I was truly blown away by the amount of time and effort these kids put into their projects!

This was our campus's first year, and it was amazing. I'm so blessed to be a part of such a supportive group of families! Our campus, however, is multiplying (splitting just sounds so ugly), so next year will bring new families and friends to our community. I'm very excited to see what God has planned!

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