May 25, 2014

Parent Practicum 2014

It was so great!

Here are some more pictures of North Huntsville's (AL) Classical Conversations Parent Practicum 2014:

Our amazing Support Manager, Tammi, opened up each day in the sanctuary.

That's our speaker above, Betsy. I'm sorry that I don't have better pictures of her.

The bookstore!

Sandra, our CC book rep., is SO knowledgeable and helpful! I'm glad she could join us again this year!

Love the new Practicum t-shirts, too! 

Look who I ran into! Amanda and Sophie! Click here to read more of my sweet friend's heart-warming adoption story.


The church that hosted our Practicum is set in a beautiful location. What a blessing!

The picture below shows the Geo Drawing Camp. It looked like SO much fun! I didn't bring Mary this year, but I probably will next summer.

Below, is the IEW Camp for the older kiddos.

We were also very blessed to welcome a special guest to our second afternoon session, National Number Knockout winner (and Alabama homeschooler!) Aaron Slack!

It was jaw-dropping to watch Aaron do an N2K demo for us! I mean, WOW! I would have video'd it, but I really didn't expect him to just go for it and start rattling off math equations at lightning speed! Click here to see Aaron's audition video (although I believe he was even faster in person). And Aaron won the whole shebang in Orlando in March. The whole thing. The national winner! The first one! Wow! It really was awesome to see him in action! Thanks goes out to our SM, Tammi, for inviting him!

After lunch each day, I had the privilege to come alongside of twenty amazing tutors and directors and walk through our yearly Foundations tutor training.

 To be honest, I was nervous about being the tutor trainer, y'all. What if I forgot an important new slide? What if I was boring and they all tuned out or started texting to each other? However, I asked special people to pray for me, and I know other friends were lifting me up, too; I could actually feel God guiding and carrying me through this new adventure. It was pretty exciting!

God is faithful!

Midway through Day 2's training session, we split the tutors into groups based on the approximate ages of their classes, and they had chances to discuss what we were covering. 

Day 3 was to end with tutor presentations, but God had different plans for me. Plans like the stomach virus. 

The stomach virus of death.

I will not elaborate, except to say that I almost called 911 at one point. It was that. bad.

Anyway, I'm better now, North HSV Parent Practicum 2014 is in the books, and I'm looking forward to training another great class in July. I learned so much from the other tutors and from the entire experience itself! I can't wait to do it again (but maybe this time without the death-is-preferable-to-this stomach bug)! ;)

Have you been to one of CC's free Parent Practicum's yet? Click here to find one in your area!

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  1. So sorry you were sick but glad it was a good experience otherwise! :)

  2. You must have caught the flu from us! Ha! Wasn't it awful!? Glad you are better! And thank you for a glimpse into a practicum. I'm leaning more and more towards starting a group here!

    1. Yes, it was terrible, Hailey! Ugh! Glad we're both over it now! :) Ooh!! You should totally start a group, girl! You'd be AWESOME! Keep me updated!!

  3. Just finished ours up yesterday! I thought this year's material on rhetoric was fantastic! (Much better than last year's math. Yeesh.) Sorry to hear about your ailments, but so glad to hear it went off well. I'm sure you were amazing and organized and delightful as always;)


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