Oct 9, 2014

CC Moms' Retreat!

A BIG part of Classical Conversations is the community - the fellowship and encouragement that we give each other throughout this crazy homeschooling journey. Last weekend, the Huntsville, Alabama, area communities got together for our first moms' retreat! The goal was to foster that sense of community, relax, and just enjoy being together as mamas. For me, this goal was certainly achieved! Take a look at our amazing weekend at Smith Lake!

We stayed at a beautiful lake house that was just PERFECT for our group!

A few of us spent some time talking on the dock, while others stayed on the deck.

There was no agenda, no schedule, and nothing planned (except dinner - thanks, Mary Ann!). It was fabulous! Imagine hanging out with your friends and NOT having to be somewhere or do something! Yeah, it was pretty awesome!

After dinner and some hangin'-out, some of us played Telestrations, and others watched Moms' Night Out. If you've never done either, I highly recommend both activities!

Here's a little Telestrations fun:

It's like Pictionary, but different, and it's hilarious!

Everyone gets a little wipe-clean book and a secret word.

You write your secret word...

And then draw it on the next page. Then we pass the books to the next person, and that person tries to guess the secret word by the picture. So... Anissa passed this to me, and I totally did not get 'boxer shorts.'

Yeah, this is what I thought she drew (my guess below):

So I wrote my guess, and then I passed it to the next person, who had to draw what I wrote:

Those are perfect polka dot mits! So this person then passed, and the next person had to guess what she drew:

Sure, those look like spotted gloves! So then she passed, and the next person had to draw 'spotted gloves.'

Perfect! Then she passed, and the next person guessed what she drew:

Spotted gloves, gardening gloves, close enough! Then the next person had to draw that person's guess:

So this person drew someone in the garden with a glove and an arrow pointing to the glove. Good. Then she passed, and the next person had to guess what that picture was:

Farmer. Nice.

Remember what the secret word was? Boxer shorts.

Nailed it. ;)


So, it's like the old game of Telephone and Pictionary mixed together. And it's just soooo much fun! For me, the secret word 'tumbleweed' was the highlight of the game! ;)

Checkout time was 11 a.m., so that meant I could SLEEP IN!! And I did! And then when I woke up, I read a book. I actually stayed in bed, snuggled up, and read a book! NO clue when the last time I did that was. Oh, friends, it was just so relaxing!

The weekend was amazing, and I'm so thankful for the friendships (and nicknames!) that were made and strengthened during our moms' retreat. If you're able to organize one for your own community or area, I say go for it!

Sooo, um, any chance we could make this a monthly thing, ladies? ;)

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm so glad I was able to go to this retreat. So much fun! -Leah


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