Feb 14, 2015

Adventure To Fitness - Review!

My husband found the COOLEST thing the other day, and I just HAVE to share it with you!

Many of you know about my sweet Anna's condition where she can't be in the sun (if not, click here to learn more about Gorlin Syndrome). To protect her skin, we usually don't go outside and play when we're home, since the UV rays from the sun give her more cancer spots (she's had over 200 removed so far, and we go back on Thursday to get more removed).

Well, what in the world do we do to try to stay active and healthy?

Um... hmmm... let me think for a sec...

She's in a dance class once a week, but she usually doesn't get close to breaking a sweat. So, we really don't do anything. Ugh!

And we can FEEL it, too - the whole family. We're just NOT active!

My husband recently got a check-up, and the doc said he needs to start exercising. What?! But we can't go outside for regular walks, no hiking or swimming (unless we want to join a gym, and who has time for that?!), nothing in the sun. What are we supposed to do?! (Okay, yes, small pity party, sorry.)

Well, Adventure To Fitness is a great place for us to start!

Adventure To Fitness is 30 minutes of active, indoor FUN for our family! We've watched four episodes online so far, and it's such a GREAT workout! Now, it's not Zumba, but I broke a sweat with each episode, and the fun graphics and exciting missions kept my girls engaged. I LOVE it - and I'm not being paid to say it, and I did not get the product for free in exchange for my review; I'm just a happy mama who wants you to know about this great program that's fun, active,  AND educational!

Click here or below to check out this clip from our first mission that transported us back to Renaissance Europe - Medieval Madness!

Seriously, it is so fun! Each episode is a mission, and we just do what Mr. Marc does. When he jogs in place, we jog in place. When he jumps over rocks or climbs up mountains, we do, too!

And there is so much INFORMATION packed into each mission! It always starts off with a question that we're supposed to find the answer to before the mission is complete. This was the Question of the Day for the Atlantis Aquaventure!

While our bodies were moving during the Atlantis mission, we learned about sharks, giant clams, photosynthesis, diving safety, the legend of the lost city of Atlantis (first mentioned by Plato!), Poseidon, respiration, and just a whole list of other smart things. I am SO impressed with this program, friends! AND, Mr. Marc's nemesis is Mr. Laze (pronounces Lah-zay, but also called Mr. LAZY!), and he makes an appearance in each mission to try to mess it up. Lots of humor in these missions, too! It reminds me so much of Carmen Sandiego, with the education tied into fun episodes! 

Look at us! We're MOVING! 

We're still on our free 7-day trial right now, and if you're looking for something active to do indoors (think of those cold and rainy winter days!), consider giving Adventure To Fitness a try for a week! After the trial week, we're going to purchase the Parent annual plan for $99.99, which will give us 10 episodes a month, with 2 new ones rotating on each month. You could also pay $9.99 a month if you don't want to get the year-long deal.

Check out the names of these episodes!

Icelandic Meltdown
Arctic Freeze
Colonial Chaos
Serengeti Stampede
Medieval Madness
Atlantis Aquaventure
Outback Asteroid
Catastrophe Cavern
(just to name a few!)

Oh! And each episode has fun printable activities and games! My girls LOVE coloring sheets, so I'm thankful that they're available.

I could really go on and on, friends. There is just SO much to say about this incredible kids' exercise program - you're just going to have to experience the fun for yourself! To hear my sweet Anna ask if we could exercise when we got home yesterday (for real!), well, that makes it a winner for me. I'm SO excited that we've found something the whole family enjoys that will help us get on the road to a healthier lifestyle!

If you do the trial, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Alright, friends! Now go get movin'!

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  1. I saw your review yesterday and immediately shared it with our team at Adventure to Fitness! It's an exciting reminder about the positive ways we help kids and their families. (And it makes all of our hard work worthwhile.) Thanks and like Mr. Marc says, "Keep It Moving!"

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