Mar 23, 2015

First-Year Surprises - Part 1


It's been one year since I signed up with Usborne Books & More, and I must admit that I'm a little shocked about how fast time has flown. Has it really been a year? This time last year I was at Teach Them Diligently in Nashville, and I was stalking the Usborne booth; I must have visited it four or five times. I looked at the consultant kit (in a sneak way because I didn't want anyone to know I was interested - ha!) and bought a bunch of books. By the time the convention was over and we were back home, I knew I wanted to have my own book show. I messaged the first local consultant I could find with an active website to set up my party, and then I messaged her back the next day or two and said I was just going to go ahead and sign up and would that be okay (hahahahaha!). I started Usborne Book Barn, but I really had NO idea what to expect my first year with a direct sales company.

I've never sold anything in my life - and I hate the thought of being a 'salesperson.' Would I be good at this? Would anyone want to do this with me? I prayed that God would just take my business and do what He wanted with it.

Well, it's been a year, and I've certainly had my share of surprises!

First, comfort zones are meant to be left behind.

Surprise? Not really, but surprising that I've learned that I can do this! (I've learned that with God's help, I'm capable of a lot of things!)

And, ooh, this has been hard, y'all! But, it's in doing the hard things that I've been given the greatest rewards. It's not easy to go to a stranger's home and meet a bunch of other strangers and share my books with them. But, this is what a 'home party' is, and it's actually quite exciting!

(this just makes me giggle)

The hostess becomes a friend, and then I meet her friends, and then we end up having an awesome girls' night out eating yummy snacks and talking about books! And then after our fun evening, I bring home my commission to help pay for our Disney vacation, or therapy toys for Anna, or Mary's camp tuition, or spring clothes for the girls. Magical!

Needless to say, working the home party circuit is waaay out of my comfort zone, but I've come to really love it! In fact, aside from the occasional Facebook party, home parties have become my specialty! (Seriously, they're a blast!)

Plus, they've become my me-time, and this is something that I didn't know I needed. With everything crazy that's been going on with Anna medically, I need time to decompress, and my weekly girls' night out has been such a blessing. And, I've made some amazing friends at these parties!

Another surprise my first year with Usborne has been all the incredible friends I've made within the company. Just blows my mind to think about these awesome ladies that God has brought into my life!

But, more on that later, friends, because my Stitch Fix box just arrived!

Stay tuned!

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