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My name is Melody, and I'm glad you're here!

 I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2003 with a Art degree, which I put to good use (cough, cough) by drawing smiley faces on the restaurant checks I handed out to my tables at the end of the night. Wanting more for my life, I ended up teaching high school English in Mississippi (I'm making a long story really, really short), giving my life to Jesus (woot!), and meeting my handsome husband at church in Tupelo.

We married in 2007 and are living our happily ever after in Huntsville, Alabama. God has graciously blessed us with two precious girls, Mary and Anna.

Mary started kindergarten this year, and I think it's going pretty well so far! We're involved in a fantastic Classical Conversations community where I tutor Mary's class. I treasure the extra time with her. Mary enjoys performing, especially singing, which is something she does just about all the time. The picture above was taken during the curtain call of her summer musical theater camp. She couldn't have been happier!

Anna also loves the theater, and princesses, and ice cream, and whatever her big sister likes (although Anna will eat my cooking and Mary usually won't - what's up with that?). Here they are with some dancers in The Nutcracker.

Couldn't you just kiss her face off! Too sweet!

Anna was born with a rare genetic condition called Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome, also known as Gorlin Syndrome. It affects so many different areas of her body, including her physical and mental development. Her body doesn't know when to stop making cells, so we have her skin cancer spots removed regularly and check for brain and jaw tumors yearly. Needless to say, one of her favorite things to play is 'doctor' because she sees them so much. You can read more of our journey with BCCNS by clicking here.

Although we know God has called us to homeschool, we made the very difficult decision to enroll Anna in a fantastic preschool where she can get the therapies she needs. Speech, occupational, physical, and music therapists come into her class throughout the week and work with her. She is a social butterfly, so she really loves going to school and being with her friends. When she turns seven, we'll continue her education at home (and I can't wait! I miss her terribly during the day.). 

As a family, we believe in home-centered, classical Christian education, early bedtimes, daddy dates, studying fine arts, going to the dollar movie theater, and lots and lots of dress-up (mostly princesses). I blog as a way to share what I love - my God, family, and adventures with life and homeschooling.

Thanks again for visiting!

I'd love to connect with you on Facebook and Pinterest! If you're involved in Classical Conversations, you may want to check out my YouTube channel. I post a lot of videos of the songs and hand motions we use to help with our memory work.

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